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Final Post Leg 14 Photos, Report on Trip Home & Exciting News

Before I tell you some news, let me post the photos of the last day’s ride when the panniers were awaiting the bikes return at the storage before rusing off to fly back.

There were sightings of Big Foot, also know as Sasquatch and Peens:

I can reveal that Peens is safely back in Johannesburg and is currently being treated for his Phobias by a team of Psychologists Doctors.… Read More

Day 241 Friday 10th August Hotel to Mount Renier to Storage

The group had different ideas how to spend today, Pie had a long list of people from the Studebaker Club he wanted to go and meet today, but they are far out of Seattle and he is not flying out tonight, so he is not planning on returning today and therefore we dicided against joining him. The 1,5 Pilots wanted to go to the Museum for Flight and some wanted to do some riding around Mount Reinier.… Read More

Day 240 Thursday 9th Oak Harbour to Seattle 231km

After I posted the Blog yesterday I went to the Laundromat to wash my riding gear, dirty cloths and my I-Pod, Note to Self : Your jacket has 9 pockets, check them all, jou skaap.

The area around Seattle is very fragmented and as you will see on the map lower down, the mainland is seperated from many other pieces of land by the sea, so instead of riding down from Oak Harbour (about 50km North of Seatle,)  to the KTM Guys (South of Seattle where the cheaper storage is) Tex and Dog planned a route through the Olympic National Forest on a piece of land opposite us and then we can by-pass Seattle’s city.… Read More

Day 239 Wednesday 9th August Republic to Oak Harbour 494km m

Last night’s town was a proper Cowboy town, the bar even had swing doors, our horses were outside, inside there was confrontation, a dual was in progress, a fight was being fought, on the Pool Table, Peens accepted the challange and was entered into the towns Pool Competition, eventually he came second and won some money.

They managed to keep the towns main street looking like it did 100 years ago.… Read More

Day 238 Tuesday 7th August Kalispell to Republic 610km

Last night we met a couple from Nebraska touring around in their 200hp Three Wheel “Bike” (it has a steering-wheel like a car but you need to wear helmets in the States where helmets are required and it has seatbelts.

I must say that I liked this car\bike a lot, and who knows, one day if we are to old to swing a leg over (the bike) but still have a Continent to do, this could work, so maybe Australia can be where we switch over????… Read More

Day 237 Monday 6th August, Polson to Kalispell 352km

Dogs 990 made it back to the hotel late yesterday afternoon with the Temp repair Milsy did, and on the way back a piece of pipe was bought from a Motor Spares Shop and used to replace the Tank Breather pipe that was used to do the repair next to the road. So we left this morning as usual at 7h00.… Read More

Day 236 Sunday 5th of August West Yellowstone to Polson 658km

Last night before diner one of the group was given a lesson in washing laundry

Then we walked to the restaurant where the Bison had to be ridden, a local stopped and told us that there was a fine of $1000-00 for riding the Bison and we quickly left, leaving our Friendy to make his way down.

My day startred very bad as I under-dressed completely for the 4 Degree temperature when we left, I had also not closed the vents on my Riding Jacket, and this I only discovered a few kilometers out of town, not wantingto stop to close the vents, I took off the left hand glove and closed the vents on my right shoulder and right arm, then I put back the glove and took off the right glove and clamped it against my fuel-tank with my knee, but during a Blonde Moment it blew away, I looked in my mirror as the 18 Wheeler Truck behind me drove over my glove, so I made a U-Turn and went looking for it, it had blown down the grass embankment.… Read More

Day 235 Saturday 4th August Red Lodge to West Yellowstone 375km

Last night we jumped on the bikes and rode to Bear Creek about 10km out of town to a the Pig Races. This is a local charity event organised by the restaurant and in the summer the pigs race from Thursday to Sunday. Most of the money go to funding kids to go to universaty and study, but a portion of the money is paid out to the winner who betted on that pig.… Read More

Day 234 Friday 3rd August Worlands to Red Lodge 349km

Yesterday Peens took Selfie with Biso, and last night we ordered Bison Burgers and Steak. I did not enjoy it as I kept on remembering all the flies that sat on their faces.

We first went to a “Drive Through Help Yourself Liquor-Store\pub, which is legal in Wyoming, the state we spent most of yesterday and today in, and you can either sit inside or drive-through and the Draft Beer is poured yourself and then you pay at the counter.… Read More

Day 233 Rapid City to Worland 741km Thurday 2nd August(160km done yesterday evening)

Yesterday we went to our motel around 15h00 for some of us to do the Blog, others to do the washing and some to talk nonsens to all out Harley Neighbours. Even I was enspired when I saw how “old” some of them were, I guess over 70, and the couple started cleaning and polishing their Trike after they had their afternoon nap.… Read More

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