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Day 232 Wed. 1st August Rapid City & Sturgis (Playing Tourists) 382km

Not all of the 382km belong to today as we rode to Stirgis late yesterday afternoon via one of the many little routes around this area and had dinner in Sturgis and then rode back on the highway last night, (so 130km was done yesterday and not today.) I was totally blown away with the riding, it feels like Switzerland with Alpine Cabins, Pine Trees and winding mountain roads, everything is green and the road surface is in mint condition and excelent road markings and a small run-off area on the side on some roads.… Read More

Day 231 Tue 31st July Pierre to Rapid City 328km

We had another early start, this time we woke up feeling even better as I think we are now starting to “catch-up” with all the sleep we lost during those three days at Oshkosh. The problem was not just the early noise from the aircraft coming in to land or take of (all the “Fly In” attendance that fly in and out for the show has a very early window in the morning in which all the new people arriving and those departing has to land and take off.) My main issue was that sleping in a tent that became very cold at night, on a stretcher,  without a mattress was very uncomfortable and we did not sleep well.… Read More

Day 230 Monday 31st Mankato to Pierre South Dakota 683km

Last night we decided to push hard today to get close to the Sturgis Area, this town is famous for hosting the biggest Motorbike Rally in the world, and we are going to be one week too soon to be able to attend, but I am relieved as it attracts so many visitors that all the accommodation in the surrounding towns are booked-up a year in advance.… Read More

Day 229 Sunday 30th July Oschkosh to Mankato 606km

They kept the best for last yesterday at the air-show as we were mezmerised for over an hour yesterday as for the 1st time ever in history the Air Force showed what their F22 Stealth Fighter Jet can do in the air, it is built to be “Dynamically Un-stable” which means it should not be able to fly and it is only because a computer is doing millions of calculations per second correcting the controls of the plan that allows it to fly, and I cant explain how fast that jet moves as I also did not know how fast something moves when it is going at over twice the speed of sound, (its real speed is still a secret.) And it turns on a Dime and is really something to watch, the skill of the pilot is just beyond words.… Read More

Day 228 Sat. 28th July 5km

Yesterday the air-show kicked it up a notch and apart from just the normal aerobatics displays and the endless Fly-Pasts of all the old planes and funny looking planes, the Airforce arrived in force and the afternoon was filled with Stealth Jets and F35 Fighter Jets burning-up the sky with impressive sharp turns, dives and vertical climbs.

Yesterday all the people from different Nationalities attending the Show has a Walk-By under their countries flag, like with the Olympic Games, there are people from 68 countries and RSA has the 2nd biggest contingent, 240, just beaten by the Australians who have 100 more.… Read More

Day 227 Friday 27th July 0km

We were not the only members of our KTM Tour of the World that were camping last night, the Texans found themselves some tents as well.

Last night was a Night Air Show and I actually needed my big camera and lens to have captured and decent photo of it, but is basically Fire Works strapped onto the wings of the plane and the plane is also covered in Lights and Strip-LED-Lights that flickers different colours, SPECTACULAR !!!… Read More

Day 226 26th July Two Rivers to Oshkosh 135km

Pie and Milsy went to look at their last Studebakers and Motors before heading to join us at Oshkosh.

Not in my wildest dreams did I expect this “Celebration of the Aviation Industry” (as it is called and marketed) to be this big. Just the camping area is about 2 miles long and 1 kilometer wide. It is just tents and campers and caravans as far as the eye can see.… Read More

Day 225 Wed 25th July Green Bay to Two Rivers 351km

The 2 Texans stayed at the same Motel we did the night before, there they met a family from Mozambique, our Norther neighbour of South Africa. Tex took the kids for rides and Dog scared them.

No news from Pie and Milsy, just a few photos to show they are still alive and heading to Oshkosh.

Yesterday we stopped at the Local Harley Dealership to see if Peens can get some maps for his GPS (as he once again brought the wrong countries Data-Card, this time he brought the Afica Maps to the USA, once he took the Bulgarian maps to Turkey.) They did not have the maps but they did give us some good advice to go and have dinner at Hagenseisters on the river.… Read More

Leg 14 Day 224 – Ste Marie to Green Bay 553km


Prepare Yourself, this is going to be a loooooong Blog as I got my computer to connect onto Wi-Fi again after getting info from two computer guys as the one would say do “this and that” but not explain to me how to get to the page where “this and that” is, so when I ask him for more info on an idiots level he would not be available to answer at that moment when I have wi-fi on my phone, so then I ask the other guy who answers and by the time the “this and that” did not work he would be un available and I had to get the next step to try from the other chap, and so it went for three days. … Read More

Leg 14 Day 223 Killarney to Saute Ste Marie 427km

Our other members are not saying much but did send these photos which can be interpreter as Pie buying more Studebakers, Dog over-loading his bike and that they also had some dodgy weather.

Our evening made up for our miserable day in the rain. We met a very intersting local named Terrance who not only told us all about Life on the Lakes and the sailing life the locals lead.

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