Completed: Leg 16 – West Coast of North America

18th of  April to 5th of May, 2022.… Read More

Leg 16 (Yes, it happening) Seattle to Denver Colorado

In spite of Covid that has not disappeared completely yet, our flights are booked for the 18th of April back to Seattle. The plan is to ride down the West Coast and cut inland a few times before eventually turning left towards Denver in Colorado from where we plan to fly back on the 5th of May. The route has been planned but Dog and Tex are not saying much, so it will be a surprise to see what they have planned for us.… Read More

DJ Run 2022 (Good reason for me to Practice to write the Blog)

Meet Nora, a 1936 Norton 500cc, she is 86 Years Old, the oldest of all my “Old Things” I have relationships with, we have a very strange relationship, she stays on my patio at home. But once a year she gets taken out on a date, actually a long weekend away, a dirty weekend.

Together we came 44th in 2020 on the DJ Rally but she hardly made it, the motor was vibrating itself into pieces, the exhaust rattled off, so did the back Mud-guard, but she carried me over the line.… Read More

Trip Down Memory Lane

I am getting more emotional as I get older, not only can a KFC Chicken advert make me tearful,  now as I realised that our little trip attempting to “Tour The World” has been going for 10 Years I feel overwhelmed, “Blessed out of my socks” also comes to mind, and LUCKY as not many people have friends like I have that will say “ok, the Arab Spring has closed off our route through Africa, so lets just go around the world.”… Read More

Why, why why ?????

Today was supposed to be easy, sleep late, coffee in bed, have a long bath with my wife, then off to do a “2 hour result back Covid test,”  then some lunch, then take the dogs for a long walk, rustig. Well, that is not how this day is panning out.

As Rocky always says, “No Good Deed Goes Un-Punished” (I get punished a lot.)… Read More

Tuesday 19th April Johannesburg to Seattle

It going to be a looooooooong day, and its still not over. I am sitting at Seattle Airport at Baggage Claim Number 8, I am waiting for Peens’s flight to land, we plan to Uber to Olympia (a suburb of Seattle about 70km from the airport,) together, its 14h30 and I see that there is a 9 hour time difference between here and Jhb.… Read More

Day 266, Wednesday 20 April Seattle to Astoria via Mount Helen About 400km

Yes, the tour continues, but without me. I am stuck on the couch at KTM for now.

I stuck my earplugs in and went to bed last night at 11pm while Peens, my room mate for the night, continued packing and sorting out all his stuff. At 1am he finished and then when he went to bed I woke up, with a sick feeling, shattered for the situation I was in, deeply depressed.… Read More

Todays Photos & Up-Date

While I was sitting at KTM today the rest of the guys rode up Mount Saint Helen, a Volcanic Mountain that erupted on 1980 and killed 57 people, but it was cold today and they rode around at 6 Degrees with lots of snow.

We are in the State of Oregon tonight on the banks of the Colombia river, we crossed over by bridge but Peens and Rocky found a Ferry.… Read More

Day 267 Thur 21April Astoria to Winston 460km

Astoria was a very pretty little Fishing Port  situated on the massive Columbia River, about 50km from where it mouths into the sea. There is going to be a Crab & Wine festival there this weekend and some people arrived early, so we battled to find accommodation but eventually got the last 4 Twin rooms at The Comfort Inn, (the Breakfast was better this morning, at least there was some bacon shavings instead of burger patties.)… Read More

Day 268 Friday 22nd April, Winston to Burney’s 552km

Last night I saw a game being played in the pub where we stayed, its called “Shuffle Board.” Its similar to Bowls but each player has 4 discs that he slides down a table that has been dusted with silicon and “Walnut-dust” and the idea is to get the disc as close to the edge on the other side, the closer to the edge the more it counts, your opponent can also crash into you sending you off the edge:


The two “Touristy” things we were going to do today were epic fails, first we ran out of road on the way to Crater Lake, and then the view of the highest Peak in California (yes we crossed over into the big C,)  was covered in clouds and it looked like a little hill with snow on and low clouds.… Read More

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