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Thursday the 8th of August, Kent (a Seattle Suburb) to Airport, in Uber Still Day Number 265

Ja, ja, I heard you, I can hear the proper hardcore, spell-check-data-verification-Google-elite-followers noting that it is still Day 265 and not 266, well, that is because Dad-Ass is locked in the store, and the days I count on this blog is only for the days we ride bikes.

In the Storage, see you in May 2020

Last yesterday afternoon we heard Peens refused KTM Prince George’s quote of $8000-00 (R120 000-00) to fix his bike’s clutch, he had gone to Oom Jan Maak ‘n Plan (a guy that helped him make a plan) and half\semi fixed the bike and that he was on his way riding the 800km.… Read More

Wednesday the 7th of August, Lynden to Kent (a Seattle Suburb) 305km, Day Number 265

So here I am, writing the 2nd last Blog for Leg 15. Tomorrow (or the day after) I will post the long Emotional-In-depth-Analysing-the-world’s -Problems-Summary-Blog, which is my observations and state of mind on this Leg 15. There will probably only be one photo of our dinner tonight, so those following the blog for the photos, this is it for you, till next year in May.… Read More

Tuesday the 6th of August, Valemount to Lynden (Washington State, just over the border) 776km, Day 264

Last night we got the bad news about Peens, but we decided to not let it break our team-spirit, the chain was problamatic since Fairbanks and Peens thought it would last, he rolled the dice and he lost, in this case, he loves rolling the dice and 9 times out of 10 he wins, so it is just bad luck in this instance as the damage caused when the chain whipped off the front sprocket was serious.… Read More

Monday the 5th of August, Smithers to Valemount 709km, Day 263

Last night we had some Oros in our room before we went down the road to the Sports Bar for a burger, just after we sat down Peens found us, he had ridden 800km and looked rather tyred for the 1st time since I met him. I think the two days in Dawson City took its toll on him. He told us his chain had a few links with “problems” and asked us for the new chain and sprockets brought from RSA by Rodger, he told us he was going to fit it and then he left (as he had already booked in at another Motel,) and we never saw him again, he disappeared and up to now we have not seen him, the mystery continues, the Lone Star Tour carries on.… Read More

Sunday the 4th of August, Dease Lake to Smithers 641km, Day 262

This morning the Kick-stands went up at exactly 6h45, like one man, poetry in motion, any Drill Sargent would have been proud of our synchronised precision, then we rode to the Gas Station, in single-file, 3 bikes parked on the one side in front of the pump, the other 3 on the opposite side, from above we looked like the spokes of a wheel, we were organised, precise, on time and moving like a well waxed bike chain, and then we saw the Gas Station was closed and only opening at 8h00 as it was a Long Weekend in Canada and it was a Sunday, there were no Credit Card filling facilities like at all the other Gas Stations where you can fill 24hrs per day just using a card.… Read More

Saturday 3rd of August, Teslin to Dease Lake, 501km, Day 261

Yesterday afternoon Kaptain Rodger had a lot of energy, he showered, washed our bikes Windscreens and mirrors, then jumped on his bike and raced off to the local airfield to go and see what planes were there. Disappointed, there was only one, with “Tundra Wheels” (those big land anywhere wheels found on these bush-planes) which costs only R60 000-00 for the two.)

I feel sorry for him, he has stepped into Rockies shoes, right into this group, after over 8000km in the saddle on this leg already, a bike-train which moves like a well-oiled machine, “as smooth as a waxed bike chain” is a better Metaphor.) He is still finding himself and moves at a slower pace than us, he still does not know in which pocket he will find what, or where he packed stuff in the panniers, so he is mostly playing catch-up with the day-to-day life of the group, but on the gravel he was fast and has the reflexes of cobra, so he will find himself and fit in with the pace at what things are done in the next day or so.… Read More

Friday 2nd of August, White Horse to Teslin, 262km, Day 260

This morning Milsy and Rodger went to the local bike shop to buy a new tyre and then had it fitted. I went to Starbucks where the coffee was good and the Wi-Fi even better. That is the reason why the previous posting could have so many photos. Speaking about Wi-Fi, I bought a new Mobile Modem\Hot-Spot-Thingy in Seattle and loaded it with 3 Gigs of data, it was an expensive exercise that failed spectacularly, the service provider AT&T is not in Canada, I expected this, but in Alaska it should have worked, and it did, a total of 2 nights, like all the other places we stayed there was no Network coverage, probably because there are so few people in Alaska they did not bother to provide their service in most places in Alaska.… Read More

Thursday 1st August Tok to White Horse 678km Day 259

 Last night was not fun, when the guys came back we drank a few beers and planned how to avoid a similar problem in future. We depended on people in the group and that is fine when you ride in a country or area where there is cell phone reception, or towns, (that would help) and help is around the corner, but when you are 300km away from any help you must be self-sufficient for the most common problems, like flat tyres, flat battery etc.… Read More

Wednesday 31st July Cooper Landing to Tok 726km Day 258

 This Blog will have to be short as the wi-fi at the cabins we are staying in has no proper wi-fi. Using the words “we are staying in” is probably also wrong as the only guy at the cabins is me, the other three, Milsy, Peens and poor new-guy-Rodger, are still 200km away, stuck next to the road, with a big puncture in the front wheels side-wall.… Read More

Tuesday 30th Day 257 Whittier to Cooper Landing 224km via Sterling

Last night we had a Braai with the fish Peens had cought, he hired a house for us opposite the Hotel in which the “Bikers For Love” stayed.

This morning we left and we arrived at the train-tunnel, I got off and walked to the tunnel, there was no cars cominh out, only a Red-Light telling us to wait. The next moment a Pappegaai came racing out of the tunnel and told me that they saw me on the video from the other side that I walked up to the tunnel, and that the police was going to give me a ticket when we get to the other side as there was a sign saying no one could pass a certain point.… Read More

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