I forgot to explain some of todays photos. Actually I did jot forget, I just did not have time as life goes on around me and I have to move with the group, so I have very limoted time to post the photos and write this blog and have to do so in the time I wait for the others, sitting in the hotel reception using the free wi-fi, and as you know Murphy, just as I am getting stuck-in they are ready and we have to move, also the reason why I dont correct my spelling mistakes some times.

In the one Peens can be seen doing some handy-man jobs at a shop where we stopped for coffee, these ladies were trying to fasten a shelf bit the drill was in reverse-position, so Peens was the hero of the day when he helped.

When I stopped at one of the many Trappers along the road they were also selling some branches with leaves from a special tree, see the photo, it is sold along the road and these leaves are used for Bunja, (sauna) and the branches are used to flogg your buddy on his back and bum inbetween the sauna and the vodka and the jumping into the ice water. Dimitry arranged a Bunja-evening for us in Samara but Peens and I decided that drinking vodka in the steam, then jumping into the kce water before your buddy beats you with an olive-tipe branch was not for us, the others went and are still going for therapy I think.

In two of the photos you can see the green steps going up to out truck-hotel last night, the rooms are above several workshops that services the trucks. At the local garage’s Quick-Shop you can also buy oil for your truck, pumped out of 44 Gallon drums if you want to service your truck yourself using the filters you buy at the same place we ate dinne the night before.