Sunday the 4th of August, Dease Lake to Smithers 641km, Day 262

This morning the Kick-stands went up at exactly 6h45, like one man, poetry in motion, any Drill Sargent would have been proud of our synchronised precision, then we rode to the Gas Station, in single-file, 3 bikes parked on the one side in front of the pump, the other 3 on the opposite side, from above we looked like the spokes of a wheel, we were organised, precise, on time and moving like a well waxed bike chain, and then we saw the Gas Station was closed and only opening at 8h00 as it was a Long Weekend in Canada and it was a Sunday, there were no Credit Card filling facilities like at all the other Gas Stations where you can fill 24hrs per day just using a card. We looked like amateurs, a Rookie Mistake, our faces fell, our lips dropped, we went back to the hotel and had some free coffee from our lobby to go with the Humble-Pie we were eating for Breakfast.

When Breakfas came 100km into the ride it was at a little resort that had a restaurant, the old man and his two staff (Irish Ladies) managed to serve up the “Two Egg Breakfast” with bacon, hashbrown and pancakes with syrup before we had time to look at all the dead-stuffed animals against the wall. But I suppose these animals did not die in vain as there were little Notices with interesting facts about them in the time when they were still alive. I was also surprised at just how big a Moose is:

The spot was called Tatogga Lake Resort
Spoiler: A Wolverine is not like a wolf, in fact it is more like our Honey Badger (Ratel) we have back home.
Grey Wolves
The Leader of a Pack of Wolves is a Black Wolf, and it is taller than the others, probably also older than the others, I presume it also used to be a Grey Wolf before it got old, with humans it is the other way around, we get grey as we get older, like the grey fox in the photo above.
This I found very interesting

Look at the length of this trailer, it connects onto the vehicle with what to locals call “a 5th wheel” which is on the back of the bakkie.

Note how many freezers and tents 9inside the gree containers) and AT’s they have on that trailer, they even had a Donkey (a contraption that provides you with hot water by making a fire under a reservoir of water.
The 5th Wheel

We started the ride at 9C but there were no clouds and soon it ticked up to 20 Degrees, the ideal temperature to ride in, and as the day went on, it got hotter, going up to 28 Degrees. So when Tex started swinging his arms madly everytime we passed him and he passed us we eventually got the message that he wants us to stop for a swim.

Milsy scaring the Trout

I got a shock when one of these ran next to the little road.

The surface of some bridges are a metal grod that not only makes a huge noise, it also steers your bike as the front wheel goes into the grooves and it feels like you are out of control.

Milsy took this photo, not the best photographer, but look at all the flowers.

Go Just A Little Slower
Our little road had no lines and no shoulder and no signs, but slowly the road got a little wider and the speed-limit went up to 80km, later up to 90km and eventually 100 when we got to the last 100km.

On the road today the only traffic was other bikers and RV’s each with an old couple and their dog, they stop often and walk the dog. This one was standing on the dashboard while its owners went to use the toilet.

This couple rode all the way from Brasil

In search for a place to swim, (we stopped at 4 places for the guys to swim, but at the 1st there was too much mud, at the 2nd the water was flowing too fast, then the next there were too many froggs, thousands of little frogs were jumping in the grass, on route from a small little lake to the main big lake. The grass looked alive with all the frogs moving around.

Kaptain Rog saw his first bear today, along the way there were also a mother bear with 3 cubs crossing the road.

I got worried about The Dog today as he started acting just like a real dog, he would wave us by every time we found him, standing in the road looking at the Road-Kill, this happened several times, he has developed an interest in Road-Kill and due to this new weird fascination he was the last to arrive at our overnight stop.

When there is an accident, the police put some Police Tape around the vehicle and then just leaves the vehicle there, I presume the Insurance spends weeks sorting out the claim and the car is just left there, but no one steals the wheels or strips the car for scrap metal. We see about one such wreck every day.
Ice-cream number 1
Ice-Creame nr.2
There was a 3rd ice-cream but I dont have the photographic proof thereof.

It was hot and the guys were feeling the heat.

Another Cheap & Nasty, but the Wi-Fi is great, plus they have a Launderette and I have to wash my clothes today, I ran out of underwear a long time ago and had to revert to Savings-Mode on the underpants (as you know, underpants can be worn 4 times as there is an inside and an outside, a front and a back side, so one just rotate it and also turn it around to use all 4 sides.

Those of you that read my Blog only to look at the photos can now stop, no more photos, just a note about the day’s road:

Every now and then one gets a day that ‘Makes Sense”, it puts riding in perspective and makes up for days of riding in the rain and cold. These days are like an Epiphany. Everything just clicks, the weather, the road, the music in your ears and the state of mind, as well as your spiritual state of mind, it all just CLICKS, and you have a day that will be edged in your mind for the rest of your life.

For example, there was a day when we were riding through the jungle in Laos, in the rain, (between China and Thailand, those that did not follow the blog should go back and read that post.) I will never forget that ride. Today was the same, what a ride, what a little road, what a day’s riding today was. It was a Religious experience, how Blessed I am to be able to ride through this unbelievably beautiful part of creation, STUNNING !!! Lakes, rivers, beaver-ponds, green grass, wildflowers, pine-trees and 50 shades of other tree’s green leaves, mountains and little bridges, hardly other vehicles and a little place to stop every 100km.




  1. ‘Milsy scaring the Trout’ – moontlik weereens kaalbas geswem …?
    Thanks vd baie interessante info oor veral die wolverine Johan – was baie verbaas dat dit eintlik deel vd weasel familie is! Plus die hibernasie facts – baie interessant.
    Het baie lekker gelag dat julle so uiters efficient georganiseerd was net om voor ‘n closed gas station te kom – julle is allesbehalwe rookies maar wie kan alles voorsien in elk geval? Dit sal sekerlik nie weer gebeur nie, soos oom Gert altyd sê – daai lessie het julle nou geleer ☺ Veilige travels verder, enjoy!

  2. Amen, will definitely go back to read about other special days.
    God bless
    Sally Perks

  3. How blessed we all are and how special that you had this experience Johan.

  4. Kylie Fleischer

    6th August 2019 at 11:26 am

    I miss you dad!! Enjoy the adventure❤️

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