Leg 13 Day 215 Digby to Sherbrook 579 km

Yesterday after the Ferry docked in Digby we were in desperate search for a Tyre-shop to fit the new tube that was bought at a local bike shop in Digby when Dog’s bike limped into town and stumbled towards the ferry. I on the other hand was desperately looking for a tap and some water to try and wash myself as I tripped over Peens’s bike’s Tie-down (remember we had to tie all the bikes inside the ferry in case there were rough swell)  and first fell on my face and then bounced onto my back, rolling in a juky-gungy smelly oil.

Sticker of country number 29 was stuck onto Dad-Ass:

Pie did some magic yesterday, usually when a tyre with a tube gets a puncture you have to open-up the tyre, remove the tube and stick a patch over the hole, but yesterday he treated the punctured tube (turned out to be ruptured-tube) like a repair on a tubeless tyre by plugging the hole in the tyre and then spraying two tins of foam-tyre-weld into the tube, this caused the foam to leak out from all the spokes and sides of the tire, but he pumped it to 400 Bar and then they rode the bike to the ferry, along the way the foam started drying and the could limp along and make the ferry, well done Pie as Nova Scotia would not have happened for us if we did not make that ferry, we heard this afternoon that the ferry did not make the crossing today as planned and the voyage was cancelled.

In the confusion of trying to find accommodation, a tyre shop 5 minutes before they were closing and me trying to find a house with an outside tap (there are non as it gets to cold in the winter, about -16 at night,) Dog placed his helmet on the back of Rockies bike who stopped briefly and did not even get off his bike before riding off with Dogs helmet behind him, which fell off (the visor was picked up later) resulting in Dog not having a Helmet. So he had to borrow a helmet from a friendly biker who has a business in Digby.

On the ferry Peens befriended a lovely lady who grew-up and went to school in Digby, Peens molested and harassed her the entire 2 hours as we crossed on the ferry and eventually out of absolute exhaustion she just agreed to be our Tour-Guide and Informant, so she met us at a local restaurant she suggested and we joined Peens and Hennie and her in drips and drabs (some went to mend the tyre, others went to find accommodation and then I had a lesson in operating a washing machine and dryer and washed all my oily dirty riding gear and  a few other things. She was a breath of fresh air and told us a few things we did not know. Her father was a fisherman and they fish up to today for Haddock and Lobster from Digby. We decided to try-out the local seafood :


Above is their local Seafood Chowder with Lobster and Haddock, (more fish than soup.)

And here is our shy Masterythis Dinner Guest with a local specialty called a ‘Puten” which is basically fries with cheese over it and then a gravy over it or a Lobster sauce.

This morning we set-off accross to the other side of Nova Scotia to Liverpool. From there we turned North East and headed towards Halixax, the capital of this province and this took us along a small and winding forest road, and at times I thought the speed-limit of 90km per hours was too fast as I exspected a Moose to come bursting out of the forest right in front of me. Once in Halifax we followed the Lighthouse Route all along the coast.


Yes, Peens took us on the Not Allowed Trespassing Route””


Today was Rubbish-day for all the small houses along our route and we could not believe the items these people are throwing out. I know there are no poor people like we have back home, so there is no one you can give the stuff you dont want anymore to, but at this house Peens was trying to retrieve the Magnifying glass from this “thingy”. I was thinking that the Braai could fit on the back of my bike and that we could make a BBQ with it tomorrow.

This house had three chairs they were offering free of charge to who ever wanted it.

This Music-System was in working order and eben covered with a plastic sheet so that it would not get damaged.

The Four Musketeers (Rocky, Peens, Hennie and I) had to separate from the other three who were on a different Tour, Tour de Admin (buying new helmets, mailing back borrowed helmets) and on Tour de Studebaker so instead of heading for the main road we took the Cable ferry across (it operates with a big winch on-board that pulls the ferry along the cable to the other side,) to stay on the coastal road.

We stopped in this little town called Lunenburg, what a place :

My Pumpkin Photo for the day :

The ride was probably the 2nd best of the entire North American Leg and we had green Pine Forests next to lakes or rivers on our left and the fragmented and broken shoreline on our right.

The two groups did not make it to the same town tonight due to poor planning and communication, we stayed on the coastal road and the others went to a town further North-East along the Main road, so tomorrow we need to meet along the way as it was decided tonight to do a circle route tomorrow along the very top section of Nova Scotia, but we are still 100km away from the other three and due to the danger of animals on the road we cant leave before there is enough light, so no clear plan yet, time will tell.



  1. Wow, julle beleef baie avonture en sien pragtige plekke !

    Dit begin seker binnekort baie koud word daar.

    Geniet die laaste week, en kom veilig tuis !

  2. Dit lyk stunning!! Geniet elke oomblik, veilig ry!❤️

  3. Awesome trip, Enjoy the ride

  4. Mal oor jul trip sover! en lag lekker vir jul avonture en jou kommentaar!

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