Day 267 Thur 21April Astoria to Winston 460km

Astoria was a very pretty little Fishing Port  situated on the massive Columbia River, about 50km from where it mouths into the sea. There is going to be a Crab & Wine festival there this weekend and some people arrived early, so we battled to find accommodation but eventually got the last 4 Twin rooms at The Comfort Inn, (the Breakfast was better this morning, at least there was some bacon shavings instead of burger patties.)

Everyone was in good spirit last night and we all just relaxed, Peens fitted his new GPS cradle on his bike, some had a afternoon nap and others sipped on a Jameson while catching up, I saw Tex last year when he came to RSA for the Namibia 4×4 Trip but I have not seen Dog for almost three years, he is looking good and properly in love and at a happy space, (I am sure I can sadden him when I ask for his help should a local policeman get woes about my missing bike papers.

This morning we hugged and I rode off in the pouring rain. I changed my riding gear to my Winter Jacket and gloves and even added a few layers and put on my rain-suite before I left, expecting to ride all the way in the rain. It started off cold, 6 Degrees, but then as I felt old Murphy lose his grip on me the rain stopped and the sun came out and my spirit lifted, soon I was basking in 12 degree weather.

Maybe the weather had nothing to do about my happy feeling returning, maybe it was the 10 hours sleep I got last night, I think I kicked this Jet-Lag and that I will be in sync with the new time-zone.

I am cheesed off that I could not ride with the guys today, they went to one of the oldest Cheese Farms in the USA. I am writing this Blog from my couch in the KTM Workshop while DadAss is being stripped in prep for the three new locks arriving by UPS shortly. I will try to make it to Winston and meet the guys there tonight, the sun only sets at 9pm, so I should have more than enough Day-light to catch them. Riding alone is a dangerous thing and I will be taking it slow.

The guys are having fun and have been checking up on me and sending me photos to post as per my request, Danny was up-graded to ride on Daddy’s bike (the rain might have played a role in that decision.) I see the boys has made it to the Coast.

Dog’s Cheese Combi :

While they are eating cheese I am eating my nails, will the parts arrive, the UPS guy is already 20 minutes late????

This is a little electric bike for kiddies:

And when you are much older you go for something like this:

These are Electric Scooters:

My prayers has been answered once again (turning out to be a religious-experience this bike trip,)  and the spares have arrived and are now being fitted.

So not sure I will have the energy to add another Blog tonight after I arrive at tonight’s  little town, so best I do this Post now and you all have something to read with your morning coffee. Hope my life turns into normal soon, lets see, hopefully Murphy will leave me alone now for a while, (still lots that can go wrong with the programming of the new ignition I am told, the bike is connected to the Lap-Top and its ” ‘n groot gedoente” there in the workshop.)











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  1. It can only get better Johan 🙏 Ride safe and enjoy the adventure 🧡

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