Day 235 Saturday 4th August Red Lodge to West Yellowstone 375km

Last night we jumped on the bikes and rode to Bear Creek about 10km out of town to a the Pig Races. This is a local charity event organised by the restaurant and in the summer the pigs race from Thursday to Sunday. Most of the money go to funding kids to go to universaty and study, but a portion of the money is paid out to the winner who betted on that pig. I still dont understand how it works as there is a Pool System used. On the way we passed the site of the mine disaster where 74 miners died.

It is the big attraction in town and supported by the local community. It reminded me of the night in rural Russia when we also rode into a small town and asked “what can we do in your town tonight” and ended up going to the local Stunt Car Show with Not-So-Brave-Stuntmen doing things we could get Peens to do after a few Brandy & Coke, but last night Milsy asked the lady at reception what we could do and she suggested we go put some money on the pigs. It is a proper event with Announcer and there were 12 races run last night, and the pigs had really nice names.

I won $25-00 in race 9 with Making Bacon, but sadly I lost on the other races so I lost more than I won, and that was just a friendly reminder to me why I dont gamble.

It is a family event, so when my two lovely daughters were small we went out to the local Spur Family Steakhouse which was not judged on how good (or bad) the food was but rather the size of the kid’s play area, we never saw kids like this:

This is Cowboy Country and it is a way of life, from when you are small, and not just the Jeans, shirt and Stetson Hat, keeping your pants up has become a crafty business, this young man handled the pigs for the races and helped in the restaurant, not the belt buckle:

And this new friendy (yes I know it is not an official word) we made in line waiting to bet on the pigs also won $25-00.

This morning we had a 94km ride over a mountain and then we entered the Yellowstone National Park.



And we the scenery just got better as we rode:

There are a lot of places where you can stop to see Geo-thermal-activity taking place, for the lay-man it means that the centre of the earth is melted rock that finds it way up to the surface of the earth, mostly as a big Vulcano, but is some cases, like here at Yellowstone (I still think Green-stone would have been a better name as it was 50-shades-of green today wherever I looked,) it bubles up through the mud or bubble out through a cave, and you all reading this Blog can be glad you are only seeing the photos and dont have to smell the Sulphur smell (rotten eggs, or after eating plenty of eggs.)

Dit Vrot !!!!

But the main attraction was “Old Faithful” which is a Geyser that comes to the boil every 1,5 hours and then squirt its water 30 meters into the air, (thats the hight of a 10 story building.) It works like this, the water runs into an underground cavity (Blond: Hole) and then it gets heated up from the volcanic activity intil it comes to the boil, and then the boiling water is forced through a small opening in the earths surface and the water squirts out, and then cold water runs into the space left in the cavity when the hot water squirted out,( was that simple enough?)

It is called Old Faithful as it is so consistent that they can even tell you when the next eruption will be, ours was going to be at 15h31, so we took our seats together with about 3000 others and waited, I was worried I would miss it, so I at least wanted a photo of the Geyser, so I got Rocky to stand in the No-Go-Area so that I could take this photo in case I got nothing better later. A lot of the areas are strictly no-go as it has happened before that a person steps on a piece of ground that was safe before, but the bubbling lava in the earths centre finds a new path to the surface and then Pietie steps on that section and the earth’s crust breaks and boiling water squirts out and kills him. True, it has happened before, hence the wooden walk-ways and signs not to walk on the ground, but at least I got my photo in case Old Faithfull had a little disfunction-problem today.


But it did get better, much better. And I had enough time as it lasted for more than a minute.

Here are some other photos taken by the group:

Suzzy (my GPS) had the day off and we had to follow Tex around, and it was a good-one. But Alice (who the hell is Alice, you ask,) she is the lady that decided what music I hear in my helmet, was on form and somehow she was leaning more towards Phil Collins and Genesis which lifted my spitits. (Note To Myself : Delete the Pan Pipe music you bought for a joke to iritate your kids and wife in the Rental Car in Croasia from the Indian Street Musician.)


Before we entered the park we stopped for a coffe and they were selling this Bear Fog Off Spray which is basically a Pepper-Spray for bears. But not 100% sure I would like to spray this at a bear as it might just anger him more and he might like pepper on his food. In other places where they have a lot of bears the hikers tie a Bear-Bell to their shoe so that the bear can hear them coming, as to not surprise him, but even this method is questionable as I would think there are a few bears who have already worked this out and follow the sound of their dinner’s bell.


It costs R650-00, I suggest a pair of fast running-shoes might be a better investment for the same price.


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  1. Good evening,thank you for stopping by Parkside Cafe. This is Yvonne, your server. FYI: you are more likely to get struck by lightning than attacked by bears. 9/ 10 times that a bear notices (smell, see, or hear) a human they go away. Out of the one in 10 times they don’t, there is a 1/10 chance it will approach a human as bears are hunted by humans here. The most common reason a bear will approach or attack a human is if a human gets near the baby bears or if a human approaches a bears food pile: be it a dead elk or bear bait.🙂

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