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Packing For “Lucky Leg 13” (Amidst Storm Irma)

I was born on Friday the 13th, it was a very Lucky Day for me, but not so lucky for my poor mother who almost lost her life that day due to complications with my birth. Since then the number 13 has been my lucky number. At school I was a very poor Marble Player (yes, before the Internet and cell-phones and Play Station and TV we played Marbles,) but on the 13th, and specially if it was on a Friday,  I just could not go wrong, I had to get my sister and cousin to help me get all the Marbles back to my house after school.… Read More

Lucky Leg 13, Day 207 From Storage to Down-town Nashville 67 km

What a day this has been!!!! The flight from Johannesburg to Atlanta was just over 15 hours long and we arrived in Atlanta before 6h00 and we first had to get past the Passport Control and this took over an hour with me struggeling with the machine into which you first have to up-load your finger prints and photo and answer several questions and click and select and fight your way through the different Menus and progress to the end when a slip is printed whichmis then presented to a rather unfriendly guy who then askes further questions.… Read More

Leg 13 Day 208 Nashville to Boone 639 Km

Last night we “Hit The Strip” ( I have heard in the words in many songs,) which maybe two city blocks of a famous street called Broadway (also hear in many songs) which has approximately 60 Bars, clubs and restaurants, all of which have live entertainment which plays one form or another of Country & Western Music.


The only other shops in-between the bars, saloons and clubs are Souvenir shops with a Country and Western theme selling anything you can think of, from shot glasses with Dolly Parton on to Shirts displaying Elvis’s face.… Read More

Leg 13 Day 209 Boone to Bridgewater Virginia 528 km

Boone is a student town, like Stellenbosch, sort of, so last night we went out for a bite to eat and a drink at The Tap House, the local student Jol. The beer was only $2-00 and the chicken wings were not to bad either. We left at 8h00 this morning and Peens had given me the honor to Lead the day’s ride.… Read More

Leg 13 Day 210 Bridgewater to Annapolis 307km

Yesterday afternoon at 5pm we met up with Pie at the house of a very big collector of Studebaker Cars.  The collection of cars are kept in a barn near the house and does not just include cars and trucks but also anything related. I was blown away, here are some of the photos.

This morning we left early and headed North East again to the Shenandoah National Park just to travel on the famous Skyline Drive through the park, we passed into the Park through the gate after paying a fee and we soon found ourselves at the top of the mountain once again riding under the canopy of trees.… Read More

Leg 13 Day 212 Asbury Park to Norwalk 178km via day in NYC

We had an early start this morning and left at 6h30, jumped on the Highway and headed North East to New York City. We crossed over into the State of New York from New Jersey. They say that the city of New York is so impressive it needed to be named twice, New York New York, but in fact this is what is on the addresses of the people staying in New York as they stay in the city of New York and in the state of New York, so their address ends with two New York’s.… Read More

Leg 13 Day 213 Norwalk to Dartmouth 440km

We left this morning and soon Pie disappeared into the distance, racing towards Boston, the switch had been flipped and he was in Tour De Studebaker mode. We were still in a very built-up area so we stayed on the highway for 200km before turning off and finding several bridges to cross, this one was 4km long, but there were many more. … Read More

2nd Blog of Day 212 – Dog and Tex’s Past 2 Days

The reason the two from Houston only arrived today was due to work commitments after Hurricane Harvey, I thought that it was a little bit of a weak excuse, but then I heard the stories tonight from them and saw the photos and now I can believe them. Tex was trapped in his house’s top floors for 4 days with the flood water coming up to the top of his Palisade Fencing and Dog could not even get to his house for more than 4 days and slept under his desk at work.… Read More

Leg 13 Day 213 Dartmouth to Bangor 456km

I should have paid extra for proper gloves !! Today we had a wet day and I doubt my gloves are going to be black once they dry as half of the dye are on my hands.

Pie left us this morning and the 6 of us headed North the the center of Boston to see the U.S.S. Constitution, a famous war ship Dog told me.… Read More

Leg 13 Day 214 Bangor to Nova Scotia 299km, and 2,5 hour Ferry Ride

Yesterday we entered the State of Maine and today we continued through it, but the clouds were low and we could not see too far from the road, but the entire day was spent riding on a winding road through forests and over rivers and next to lakes. The leaves have just started changing color and I hope that this remaining week of our trip will be  just long enough for the other leaves to change so that I will at least be able to take one photo next week of en entire forest with autumn leaves.… Read More

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