Old Murphy is riding me again, without a Saddle !! As I am racing to get everything ready to catch the Train to the Airport, the Fish Dr. arrived a day late to treat one of my sick Koi Fish, this old girl has a Bacterial Ulcer and needs a few injections. I usually do this myself but as there are a few injections to still follow I asks Colin to help me out.

He first make the fish fall asleep by putting her inside a bath with 5ml of Clove Oil.

She falls asleep within 2 minutes and can be flipped over and injected.

And then she is left on the side of the pond to recover, waking up with a Babalaz from Hell (I think.)

So with now done, and my 2 pannier inner bags packed I am off to catch the flight, the next time you hear from me will, God Willing, be from the USA.