Sergey took them on an adventure and they got the Toyota stuck.


Note the “rescue vehicle” it is called a Patriot Yaz, there are thousands still on the road and you see them everywhere. They were built in the 60’s and today there are newer models on sale.

I forgot to tell you about the vehicle and trailer we got on the road today, the wife was found at the trailer, we stopped and asked if we could help her but she indicated we could not. Then, 5 km’s further we found her husband who “drove” the car to find help, there was a huge pot-hole which forced the back spring and shock-absorber through the body of the car. While his wife was sitting reading her book next to the trailer he was having a little vodka waiting for help to fix the car, it might take several days and I wonder how it is even possible to fix it, but mou doubt the will continue their journey in a few days, their relationship stronger.