Why, why why ?????

Today was supposed to be easy, sleep late, coffee in bed, have a long bath with my wife, then off to do a “2 hour result back Covid test,”  then some lunch, then take the dogs for a long walk, rustig. Well, that is not how this day is panning out.

As Rocky always says, “No Good Deed Goes Un-Punished” (I get punished a lot.) Since it has been raining for three days non stop, and since the younger Labrador has been carrying out a few blankets from their kennel every day, I realised last night that there were hardly any dry blankets left inside their Kennels, all the other blankets were wet, so I decided in my wisdom to make them a bed in the garage using their “beds” they sleep on in my office. BIG MISTAKE ,  they started chewing my dive bag until my mask fell out which was consumed before two snorkels caught their eyes. But then the Alarm and Wi Fi Cables which runs through the garage in conduit was their next target to destroy. So the sleep-late plan was shattered by ADT who stormed the house, guns blazing, in the early morning when the alram went off thanks to Moana, the black Labrador who is not yet 2 years old (I hear it will get better after they turn 2 years old.)

And then Load Shedding Started, so no coffee in bed either. Then the Generator had no fuel in, so I also now smell of Petrol. (Luckily there is enough oil in the Generator as Moana also chewed her way through a plastic oil bottle.)

In order to get away from the chaos I went to Ampath at Sunninghill Hospital, early, 8h00, only to be told there is no special 2 hour test and I should “receive the results before tonight.” (Do they know a guy called Murphy, who I believe will be working Overtime on a public holiday to ruin my day even further.) But if I use their App I was told, it will help to get it faster. I have the App from the Namibia trip, so no problem. Actually yes, problem. Why would Ampath want a PIN to get back into the App, and why does the PIN I saved on my phone not work???? Needless to say I have been locked out of the App and can try to re-set it in 2 hours time.

The packing has been done for more than a week. Going on these trips has always been so stressful in the past as I had to type pages and pages of Hand Overs to give to my Management Team, but this being the 1st trip since being retired, I only have one short Hand Over to give to my poor wife  Thea who never got a Hand Over in the past.

I cant remember what I left at the bike almost 3 years ago, and if I take too many items I have to give it away when I get there as there is only so much space on the bike. This time I am adding two new bags that I bought that will be strapped onto the Panniers, we will need to carry extra items (spares and some food) once we cross into Mexico (in due course) so I have three bags I am traveling with tonight (if Murphy loosen his grip on me.)

Or that was what I thought, SURPRISE !!!!!!! Danny Boy needs Riding Gear as he believes the bunch of old men he is traveling with would like to swap places with him so he can ride the bike and the old ballie can drive his car. Not likely unless it rains a lot, but Daddy might be kind. So all the riding gear has now become my responsibility, (long story, dont ask.) So it is off to the Taxi Rank now to buy a Taxi Bag.

Luggage :Before Taxi Bag

On most trips I take a Gadget or try a new Gimmick, well this trip is no different, on this trip I will report back on how my new Bose Musical Sunglasses work, (they call it an “out of ear music experience.) So no longer do I have to suffer the pain of earphones in my ears inside the helmet.

And with the new “System” I needed lots of new music, luckily my eldest daughter ignored her dad when she asked that I buy a subscription of Apple Music Family package for R70-00 per month to get free music as much as the 4 of us wanted. No, no, I want to own my music, must be mine, so Tyla used her student allowance and bought the family package, and before you can say “Bob se moer” I am getting free music and the girls has been sending me plenty of Play-Lists for the trip.

So the next Blog you get will either be from the USA or from Jhb after not being allowed to fly due to not having a Covid Test.

See you on the other side.

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  1. You should have used Testaro drive through.my daughter had a test on Saturday at 13.55 and received her negative test within 20 minutes with all passport details etc. Land safely and (hopefully) COVID free in Oz

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