Day 274 Thursday 28th April (Rest Day) Las Vegas to Las Vegas via Red Rock Canyon 89 km

I see a Test blog Post has gone out?? I suspect that the Person who is tasked with my blogs I.T.  (you see, the Political Incorrect Fleisch would have said “my Computer Man,”) has started working on increasing the size of the “Previous Post” and “Next Post” so it will be easier to navigate the blog and must have sent out the Test Blog.

Las Vegas is every thing I thought it would be, (based on all the movies I have seen that were shot in Vegas.

We went for dinner at this restaurant which was in our hotel: The theme  was “Fishing” and Peens considered grabbing a reel from one of the fishing rods and running out of the restaurant.


Then we all went for a walk:

In Vegas puppy wears shoes. Its owner told me that she bought him the shoes on-line as the pavements in Vegas were very dirty. I wanted to tell her that Puppies biggest problem  was probably not the dirty pavement but all the cannabis infused air poor puppy was breathing-in, but as I am striving to be Political correct I side-stepped the air quality (infused with Devils Lettuce ) issue and put my foot straight into the body-piecing and Tattoo quanandrum. (Yes I know it was spelt the wrong way, but even Spell Check could not spell or pick-up a spelling mistake based on my initial spelling.


There is a Musical Water Fountain in front of the Bellagio Hotel, very impressive.


And then we rented a Limo and cruised down “The Strip.”

Peens did a check if Caesar was wearing any undies:

Then we found this poor fellow, he was asking for things from the people on the street, probably for potatoes or shirts (poor boy has not tasted starch since 2006 I guess.) He comes form a well know family, called Chippendales.

My cunning little plan to get free beer by gambling was not very successful because before I could even get offered the free drink while playing number 3 came up on the Roulette Wheel, I placed $10 bets on number 3, 6, 9 and 13, all my lucky numbers, I also bet R50 on the colour Red, and number 3 is red, so I won R6,750-00 and then walked away and bought all my friends a beer with winnings. The winning pay-out is 45 : 1 on Roulette, (so is your odds of winning is also only 45 : 1.)

We left the hotel at 8h30 and drove the short distance to the Red Rock Canyon Conservancy where we followed the loop past all the different roc formations.

A better photo of a Joshua Tree:

We also have a Cowboy with our group:

The main road in front of our hotel has been blocked off as there is a big Draw of the National Football Ligue happening there on the strip this afternoon, so lots of rowdy Football Fans  wearing their teams shirts are running around the hotel, will have to go and take a photo of this.

Tomorrow we continue riding mainly East, we are heading for Brice  Canyon.

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  1. Kylie Fleischer

    29th April 2022 at 7:53 am

    Lucky nr 13!! Well done dad!

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