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Leg 10: Laos, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore

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Packing for Leg 10, our Route and much more information

The packing has started, I dont know how I am going to fit my new screen into my suitcase. You might remember I fell in Mongolia and the my screen for the entire Leg 9 was held together with Duck-Tape, now I need to take the new screen, plus some oil and radiator coolant (we used the last of our oil and coolant on the last leg.)… Read More

Day 172 : Thursday 12th May

I woke-up at 6h00 Yesterday morning and have not stopped running or slept since, and it is now 22h30 Thursday night, 40,5 hours later. And we have now only done three of the four flights to get to Maung Xay, we have the last flight tomorrow at noon, and we almost did not make it to Vientiane, (the capital if Laos,) as the aeroplane we were sitting in at Bankok airport developed a technical problem and we had to disembark after sitting inside for 30 minutes and move to another plane.… Read More

Day 173 Vientiane to Maung Xay (by plane)

Today we took a tuk-tuk to the airport and had to fight with the check-in staff to allow us to check in our tyres, rims and oil and radiator fluid and chain lube. In the end they just took our chain-lube and the rest got loaded onto the little twin-prop plane.

We managed to get all the Bakkie & bikes started, then paid the local Property Tycoon’s son the balance for the storage (not often you see this crowd paying a Land Lord, usually the other way around.)… Read More

Day 174 Maung Xay to Luang Prabang 205km

We had our Breakfast of noodles, rice and chilly-vegetable, but because they have tourist there once a year we also got a fried egg with something similar to a Vienna-sausage, (just not as “good” quality as back home,) and were ready to ride at 8h00, (well, not all as Peens overslept and we only managed to find his room number 10 minutes to 8h00, so he had not time to dress into his riding gear and spent the day in shorts, a T-Shirt and luckily his boots.)… Read More

Day 175 Luang Prabang to Vangvieng 240km

Tex is training to run the St. Petersburg marathon with Sergei, the back-up driver form the Siberian trip, Leg 8, so he wanted to run 30km this morning, and as good mates do, we all offered to also wake up early and each do a few kilometers, but at 5h00 it started raining heavily and I was sure the run would not take place, but it did, only for Tex who started running at 4h00 before the rain came down, so we got lucky.… Read More

Day 176 Vangvien to Undon Thani 260km & Border Crossing

Last night we went down to the river (a smaller river that flows into the Mekong.) The locals have build little restaurants along its banks selling food to the tourists with bread-rolls (baguettes) and Hamburgers and French Fries (another sign the place is on the brink of becoming a tourist trap) on the menu. But true to form we found the little bridge they had built with bamboo going across.… Read More

Day 177 Udong Thani to Nakhon via back road past Chaiyaphum 370km

I said in Yesterdays Posting that everything instantly became easier as soon as we crossed the border, but this morning I can add that the beds have an actual mattress here, no more fighting over who gets the “soft bed” (chipboard mattresses we found were softer than the Mahogany mattresses.) It is easy ordering food as everyone speaks English, and the GPS’s are working again, 1st time since we left Russia !!!… Read More

Day 178 Chaiyaphum to Chao Samran Beach 427km

We spoiled ourselves by staying in a 5-Star hotel last nigh, (the cost is the same as staying in a Guest House in RSA.) But the real spoil is that they serve a real English Breakfast, so no Noodles and Fried Rice.

I think this blog should double-up as a food Blog (on those days we ride and nothing exciting happens like today.)… Read More

Day 179 Chao Samran Beach to Champon Beach Restort 347km



Those of you that has been following this blog through China might remember that I said we will never eat a “Hot-Pot” again, but I obviously lied, sorry. Although, it is a Hot-Pot with a difference, it also has a “grill” at the top, but the bottom is still the same, )in the boiling soup you boil your vegetables and noodles and the rest you grill over the vents at the top.… Read More

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