Day 177 Udong Thani to Nakhon via back road past Chaiyaphum 370km

I said in Yesterdays Posting that everything instantly became easier as soon as we crossed the border, but this morning I can add that the beds have an actual mattress here, no more fighting over who gets the “soft bed” (chipboard mattresses we found were softer than the Mahogany mattresses.) It is easy ordering food as everyone speaks English, and the GPS’s are working again, 1st time since we left Russia !!!

The toilets just got better as well, see these Urinals, (in the garden.)

Thailand day 2 014

Last night we went to the local night-market to eat street food, I suggested to Pie to buy a few shirts and shorts as he brought two T-Shirts and a PT Short (and I hope a few underpants,) as his luggage for this trip consisted of two rims for his bike and a back-tyre, so he only had packing space inside his back tire. But here they don’t have cloths in real-men sizes, the cloths are made for the local men and XL is the same as our Medium, so no Mr. Fashion for Pie.

There were plenty of bugs for sale but we passed on this.

iphonne Thailand 014

iphonne Thailand 013

iphonne Thailand 012

iphonne Thailand 010

iphonne Thailand 015

And chicken feet stew

iphonne Thailand 003

But we found some very nice food and the prices are so cheap, everything is now less than in Laos, even the hotel accommodation cost less here even thoughthe standard of the room is so much higher.

iphonne Thailand 016

iphonne Thailand 009

iphonne Thailand 004

iphonne Thailand 006

iphonne Thailand 005

This morning we left the hotel at 7h00 as our hotel had no Breakfast option or a restaurant, but by 8h00 we were getting our daily shot of Noodles and Fried rice, with a cup of instant coffee, next to the side of the road, a perfect time to fix Peens’s panier that is playing-up after his fall in the mud in Bulgaria.

Thailand day 2 016

We had to fill the bikes from the tank in the bakkie as we once again used all our spare Kip, (the currency from Laos) to fill the bakkie’s 2 tanks with diesel and to fill the 200lt petrol tank for the bikes. This takes long, so during that time we discovered all our bikes oil-level were under the lowest point on the dipsticks, so a little maintenance took place. Even the problem with the fridge-plug was fixed. Note on the photo with Pie how he manages the heat by dropping his pants and then he wiggles around like that without even having any “skaam.”

Thailand day 2 018

Thailand day 2 012

Some people has e-mailed me asking if I was really on this bike trip as they never saw me, so here I am fondling my gloves (they miraculously re-appeared this morning after vanishing yesterday.) Yes, the joking and pranks has not stopped and all are in very good spirits, even Hennie found a pair of slip-slops in his bed and every now-and then one discovered far too late that someone has turned on your heated-handlebar-grips, not fun in 42,5 degree heat. And often your heart skips a beat when your bike wont start, only to find that someone has switched-off your bikes Kill-Switch.

Thailand day 2 002

And here I am sitting amongst the local mothers and grandmothers eating an ice-cream.

Thailand day 2 010

Today we stumbled onto a “show” or promotion where someone was singing and there were dancing girls and free ice-cream, (this caused a huge traffic-jam as it was happening right next to the road.

Thailand day 2 003

Thailand day 2 004

A local lady who has a company selling cattle-feed immediately spotted a promotional photo opportunity to promote her product and asked the handsome-attractive member of our bike-tour to stand next to her while her assistant filled and videoed us which no-doubt will make it onto the local Muis-Boek or Twitter to sell her product.

Thailand day 2 011

Tomorrow we have a very bad day ahead, we have to by-pass Bankok and that means getting on a hi-way and hoping the legendary traffic-jams of that area does not happen tomorrow.


  1. That’s awesome. Especially to know that the self proclaimed most “handsomest and charismatic” one of the group has appeared in some pictures

  2. Magriet du Plessis

    18th May 2016 at 5:47 am

    Johan, ons hele huisgesin geniet jou updates so baie!
    Jou borde vol bugs-fotos het veral by Koos se kiddies heelwat reaksie uitgelok (die res van ons was ook baie bly vir julle part dat daar ander kos-opsies was)!
    Safe travels verder – ons sien uit na nuwe nuus & fotos.

  3. Neill Williams

    19th May 2016 at 2:09 pm

    Hi Johan & friends,
    I do not know many people brave enough to do this.

    Congratulations on having got so far with such a low casualty count. (I suspect the casualties were hygiene and table manners).

    Johan, if you had to choose, would you go for the bugs in Thailand or the Tom Yum Gum spicy soup at number 10a ?

    I follow your progress with interest.

    Neill Williams

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