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Planning For Alaska, Leg 15 & Texans Visit to South Africa

We are ready for the Alaskan Leg, our fights are booked and the bikes are currently being serviced and most bikes are getting a new set of rubber. Dog and Tex have once again done the Route Planning and the first day of riding is Monday the 16th of July. Originally we were not going to ride the bikes all the way back to Seattle after reaching our most Northern part of the route, which is actually at the top of Alaska at the Sea of Beaufort, at a town called Dead Horse (so at least we know what to expect there, not much,) but my cousin Rassie and his friends were going to fly in to Fairbanks and then ride all our bikes all the way back to Seattle, making our trip only 2 weeks long, (which is just the right length, any longer result in our wives losing their sense of humour and us men start getting irritated with the other guys jokes and time-keeping, they way they chew their food and how often some want to stop for ice-cream and then there is the issue with “Kronkel-Paadtjies” (curvy roads,) which some guys want to do for 12 hours a day and others only a few hours.)

But Rassie and his friends are no longer available so now we will have to ride the bikes back ourselves, making this Leg 3 weeks long.Read More

Upcoming: Leg 15 – Alaska

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