532km Day’s Story

What a day, it took us 1 hour to travel the 20km to get out of Samara, we had decided not to travel on the main road, M5 but to run parralel with it about 30 km South, close to Khazaksthan. We managed to stay on the back roads but after our lunch stop in Buguruslan things went wrong for Rocky who followed the 2 American KTM’s of Pie and Tex and as a result he paid the penalty and had to do an extra 200km’s. In his defence, Peens had swapped GPS’s with him as he did not bring his Russian maps and they were going to be a team today, but it all went wrong for them.

Peens and I and Sergei then encountered a great muddy road with so much mud and we had a lot of fun traveling through small villages and farms.

We crossed a time-line today and we are now 3 hours ahead of RSA.  The sun sets 20h30 local time and the lost team only came in at 9pm local time, at least not dark yet.

We got lucky in the one village when the local policeman saw us heading for a road that was closed due to deep mud, so he put on his siren and made is follow him with his lights flasing and got us on the right road.

We had a lot of railway crossings and roadworks, we were behind the rain all day and only rode in the rain the last 20km.

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  1. Andrey fron Samara

    20th May 2015 at 7:03 pm

    Hello guys, you are great tourests, l proud of you . I will keep looking for you tour, good luck!!!

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