Last night we sat outside our Motel Rooms and ate Biltong and Nuts for dinner, washed down with some Californian Wine.


“I think I saw the ghost of Elvis” but a guy that looked like a Rock Star appeared and spoke Spanish to us, (a cashier earlier in the day told Peens she could not understand him as he spoke Spanish, he has a very heavy accent when speaking English.) But the guy we called Mixed Jaggert turned out to be Peens who had all his clothes in the drier and had no other clothes to wear, (he will in future close his panniers properly when we ride in the rain.)

We left at 7h00 on the dot, this group has mastered that discipline and we don’t let our friends wait, that is unacceptable when traveling in a group, you stick to the time schedule to the second.

The weather looked great, blue sky’s and the prospect of getting much warmer. I love my Girls, they felt so bad for their dad that was struggling in the rain that they started sending me funny photos to cheer me up, here are the three of them wearing the Swimming Gear Thea took down to Tyla just to be funny and make me smile, I love them, how amazing !!!

Our bikes were iced and the Ice Warning Light on DadAss’s Screen was flashing profusely, the 1st time I have ever seen this light. We rode in 0,5 Degrees for the 1st 100km and dropped down from the mountain, and then the sun started shining and the temperature rose throughout the day to a blistering 23 Degrees a the moment. The road was great coming down the mountain and we had lots of fun in the Twisties.

Then the road turned into Country Lanes and we were riding through little villages where all the kids were having their Baseball Tournaments at all the schools we passed, we rode past farms and horses and smelt the farm and cow-poo for hours, we even stumbled onto some gravel. But then we started losing time and we decided to jump onto the highway for 100km, stop for some breakfast and then do the last 200km on a Scenic Route.

My Health Breakfast:

But Peens and Rocky refused to get onto the Highway and the group split, they continued looking for a good back road. But luckily for me I stayed with the other guys as our day turned out great, their day not so much. While we were eating breakfast we got the SOS, they had a flat tyre and they need the spare tube. So Danny Boy was dispatched to save daddy and he took the tube there, they even made him change it.

We got very luck with out route, it would run between the fields and we watched the farmers till the soil, then there would be a hill and we were given some Twisties to ride up and down the hill, then the next valley would once again be flat, but less fields and more fruit orchards, apples and peaches etc. Then another hill with more twisties.

But then we started seeing some vineyard’s and then we crested a hill and I got very aroused when my GPS showed me this provocative picture:

And my day looked like this for a while:

And we dropped into the Napa River Valley, it looks very similar to going down the Frans Hoek Pass

We are now with Tex’s daughter at her house and she is spoiling us with the wine she makes and we are having it with the cheese from the recent Cheese Farm visits. I will take some photos and pas them with the next blog.