Leg 14 Day 221 – Buffalo, back into Canada, to Toronto 158km

Murphy has stepped up his game, Bastard, I am doing my post from my I Phone as my laptop wont connect  the internet through the hotel’s Wifi, it is all the Anti Virus protection I am told, so I am working on that problem, but after traveling for 24 hours to get to this hotelroom in Toronto has left me with very little patience, so the Brandy Peens poured me will help, I just wish my fingers were smaller, how do they suppose I type on this small key-board?

The news from Pie and Milsy is that they also traveled into Canada to meet with a Racing Bike Frame builder, who knows why?

And then they found the best road ever and stumbled onto a bike raly and had to stop and join them for a beer or two.

Myself and the two Pilots arrived in Buffalo at noon and started riding at 13h00, but maybe because of the minus 40 degree winter that killed the batteries or maybe they were not charged enough, but the pilots bombed out, and had to be jumped, one at the fuel station and one in the que at the border crossing, but a lady helped us and jumped Peens’s bike.

More news tomorrow when I have managed to get a 3G card for the computer or I could have figured out the problem with the anti virus🤯🤯😫😩🧐

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  1. love you madly!

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