Last night before diner one of the group was given a lesson in washing laundry

Then we walked to the restaurant where the Bison had to be ridden, a local stopped and told us that there was a fine of $1000-00 for riding the Bison and we quickly left, leaving our Friendy to make his way down.

My day startred very bad as I under-dressed completely for the 4 Degree temperature when we left, I had also not closed the vents on my Riding Jacket, and this I only discovered a few kilometers out of town, not wantingto stop to close the vents, I took off the left hand glove and closed the vents on my right shoulder and right arm, then I put back the glove and took off the right glove and clamped it against my fuel-tank with my knee, but during a Blonde Moment it blew away, I looked in my mirror as the 18 Wheeler Truck behind me drove over my glove, so I made a U-Turn and went looking for it, it had blown down the grass embankment. During its recovery I discovered that Riding Boots are not made for walking down a steep embankment with wet grass, so first I slipped onto my bum and when trying to stand-up just the one foot slipped and I went sideways and startred rolling down a few rotations before stopping. With wet jacket and pants I set off behind the guys, shivering.

Today was a Traveling Day (we are on the way to the Galazier Park up North to see some Ice Rivers,) so arart from todays gravel section it was going to be a boring day and I was not going to have much to say to you all, (wrong as usual as Murphy always delivers some action does’t she???) Here are some photos of todays gravel, which was a very tricky ride as it started on marbles and we were all over the place, then later it changed to faster gravel with several ruts from dried mud which are very dangerous when you hit such a rut at 100km per hour, so it was time to FOCUS.

We were warned about deer juming into us, and as I was leading the 1st half of the ride I kept on looking at the Karoo Bossies (small bushes along the dry arid landscape,) exspecting a deer to jump onto my chest, so when the Feasant  flyed out into the road in front of me I had a moment and my heart skipped a few, but the rest of the ride was great fun.

Tex wearing his rain-coat as it had not warmed up much by 10h00 and a rain jacket cuts-off the wind.


Milsy joined me at the half-way-re-group-stop, look at the landscape which had changed since we entered into the State of  Idaho (only briefly before re-entering Montana.

Peens had a new front tyre and was having a lot of fun.

Rocky & Pie

But at the end of the gravel there was a river and some mountains in the distance and the landscape changed again.

Pie took this Video, if you click on it it might play????

We passed through a little village and the locals were all in the street, Market Day. Some old ladies were selling soap from their front Stoep ( a front-porch) and others had erected gazzebos selling things, playing music, etc. The best stand was the ladies from Bear Awear who were informing the people about Black, Brown and Grizzly Bears.

Grizzly Bears has a hump on their back and their numbers has recovered so much that they have now been removed of the List of Endangered Wild-Life, and for the 1st time is decades lisense’s has been issued for some to be hunted in areas where they are attacking farmers animals, and it is not just Chicken & Sheep, they also attack and eat smaller cows. Farmers has to put electric fences around their chicken Coups.

Crocodile Dundee, watch out!!!!

This young lady had a Lemonade and Popcorn Stall. Best Lemonade ever !!!!! Here she is squeezing a lemon for Pie as she use the juice of 1 fresh lemon and then mix thst with sugar water.

Unfortunately I had no space on DadAss for these beautiful plastic flowers and milk-jug, there were also a pair of 2nd hand hiking boots with only a few spots of blood on which I liked.

Then Danielle showed Milsy what to do when attacked by a Bear and how to opperate the Bear Spray, (you stand your ground, make a lot of noise, try to look big and then spray at its feet when it gets close, (the trigger for the spray is even illumenent at night and lights up so you dont spray yourself by accident in the dark.

The fake bear is a cut-out on a Radio Controlled car and it charged at Milsy at great speed.

I asked Danielle if my method also might work, I told her I would bend down and pick-up some poo and throw it at the bear as it charges, she asked what I would do if there was no poo to throw, I told her that I was very sure there would be some poo to throw if the bear came storming towards me.

The people use special Bear Proof Coolerboxes, they are also graded according to strength,  the lid is screwed down with metal screws so the bear cant open it, but some bears have no manners and then rip it open.

Montana was made by God for men, (plenty of Hunting, fishing, bike riding, cycling and in the winter snow-mobile riding,) it is called “Blue Sky Country”  but it also has so many fast flowing shallow rivers this time of the year which makes it prime Trout Fishing Area and every town has a few Fly Shops. Fishing in Montana should be on every Fisherman’s Bucket List. They use a flat-bottom boat with a River Guide sitting in the middle with a fisherman on each side of him. You noticed I did not say front and back of him, its because he uses the oars and turn the boat side-ways and then they drift down stream in the shallow water over the rocks and the fishermen cast their lines to areas pointed out to them by the river guide where the trout should be.

We spent a lot of time today riding next to rivers and because it was Sunday, we saw many fishermen, some fishing the traditional way.

This morning we went accross the road to a Dinner for Breakfast as our Motel did not have anything on offer and spoke to an “Old-Timer” who told us that the main reason he thinks his wife left him is because he would go fishing for 4 months in a row, he would be flown 500 Miles up-stream in the Yellowstone National Park and be dropped off with a small metal-bottom boat, supplies and food for 4 months and his camping gear and then he would drift down for 4 months fishing all the way back to the Park, not seeing anyone or being close to any other human, and in 30 years he has only used his bear-spray once.

I arrived at a Trailer Park next to the road after seeing a lonely KTM standing next to the road, our sign to stop and look for the others, which I found, some of the guys were under the shade of a tree, Misly was taking out his towel, so he wanted to swim I thought, but there was no water?? When  I got the helmet off I saw Milsy packing tools onto his towel, so this was not a swim, it was a break-down, thanks Murphy!!



Dogs bike was squirting fuel out of the pressure pipe between the fuel-pump and the injecters, one has to remove the entire one side of the bike to get to the problem. Milsy did not have a hammer to fix the problem but man’s second best tool, a knife, did see some action.

While the guys were making a plan (they took the tanks breather-pipe and replaced the broken fuel pipe,) I was taking photos of the local trailer-park.

They did not live in luxury but they all did have Air-Conditioning.

Peens was ahead of us with Pie and Tex and saw a Rodeo Show happening near the road and stopped and sat watching the Cowboys ride horses, cattle and even Bison, (but not big Bison like our friendy rode last night.)

When the cowboy is thrown off it is the job of the clown to distract the animal.

And it is only a matter of time before they go flying.

Tomorrow we are off the see the Glaziers, so the temperature is going to be even lower.

Note to myself : Wear your Thermal Vest tomorrow, it did you no favours riding in your pannier today.