Leg 14 “The Eagle Has Landed” (and an up-date on some Admin.)

The 1st two members of KTM Tour of the World, and the only two members of this years “Tour de Studebaker” has arrived in the USA and we wish Milsy and Pie luck for their little trip before joining us for the Real trip, (any excuse to get in a few extra days riding.)

Actually, let me be honest, it is not the most exciting news, but I am actually looking for an excuse to do a few postings to try out some of the new features I can use when doing postings as there has been a few improvements available to me, if I can just remember how to do all these changes.

You might have seen, the entire Blog\Website is getting a make-over and currently for this trip only,  this Current Trip will be the only Leg which will be able to be viewed as all the previous Legs are under Maintenance and are being moved around. This has become necessary to make the Navigation on the site easier for the new followers or people having a look at the Website who are overwhelmed by all the different Continents, Legs and just too many Postings.

But I trust the majority of readers will be getting this posting automatically by email, (which means you logged into the site on a computer (which has a larger screen than a cell-phone, so you could see the Subscription Section on the right of the page under the Music Video and subscribed.)

And for those people reading this who have not yet seen the Video from  snippets of my Helmet Camera, please visit the Website (on a computer) and click on the video with the Helmet Camera Footage, (there is also a Music Video you can have a look at which is out Tour Song.)

Ready To Ride, be safe guys, see you on Thursday. (The news from Tex anb Dog is that they will only be joining us all on Saturday next week as they have a different route they are doing all on their own, visiting friends along the way. I have no doubt Dog will be sending me photos and stories of their trip which I will post, but I unfortunately also know that Peens will be planing some interesting “Kronkel Paadtjies”(twisty roads)  for the three of us.



  1. Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Have fun guys

  3. Enjoy the trip guys!!

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