Day 275 Friday 29th April Las Vegas to Duck Creek Village 511 km

Las Vegas is “pumping” with people, all here to witness the ‘NFL Draft” that is happening here in Vegas. Its a 3 day event and it started today. This event is where all the “buying” of new players as well as the re-buying of older players who has completed their contracts and are available again to sign a new contract happens. This event is broadcast on TV and one can see the phone calls and negotiations taking place live. Teams would offer to sell two guys in exchange of getting another, and the money is BIG. The new young guys fresh out of Collage gets a Sign-Up Fee of $10m and that then exclude the monthly salary of $500 000-00 per month.

Due to this event here in Vegas the streets and  Hotels are crowded with fans hoping to get a glimpse of their hero’s. The fans are all dressed-up in their teams Shirts, the Broncos, Sea Hawks, 49ers, Dallas Cowboys and many many more. The players being signed and re-signed are all dressed-up in Tuxedos and Evening Wear and it is a Red Carpet Event and similar to the Oscars in hype and glitz and glamour.

But we did have time to mingle, even meet some famous people:

Today I tasted something new, its a Mexican Beer Dressed-Up (salt and lime.)

Remember this guy,  Buddy, from Carlos Bakery, well there are several Vending Machines on the strip selling slices of his cake.

And in the bottom right hand corner of the Vending machine is a TV Screen showing the people how he is baking their cakes they can get from the Vending Machine:

About today’s ride……….. as the song goes ……………. “My Momma told me, there be days like that.”

Not the best day, things went wrong form scratch, We wanted a photo of the famous Vegas Sign at the airport, but it was on the South Western side of Vegas, our next stop was going to be the Hoover Dam, that was North East of the Vegas sign. So Tex refused to ride Highways and set his GPS to avoid Highways, so we spent some time fighting through the traffic and stopping at all the red-lights. Then we got to the sign and there was a long line of other people who also wanted their photo taken. The airport was very busy with several Private Jets and many Helicopters. We eventually fought our way to the Hoover Dam, only 50km away:

We stopped at the Edgar Hoover Dam and Milsy then stole my bike keys, and as I started looking for them, frantically, a very sexy woman was waiting for the parking space I was parked in, and she was getting impatient with me and could not understand why I was still in the parking, feeling myself and looking in the panniers, tank-bag etc. But eventually I pushed my bike out of the parking and then saw Milsy about 100m away from me waiting at his bike, and then I knew he had something to do with the missing key. As a result he will no longer feature on this Blog.

Note the Jet-Ski Tours that rides to the dam wall:

Tex had shared the route, but he shared it on Google Maps, so it was useless to us who use Garmin GPS, even to him it did not work so well as we rode very remote roads today and did not have cell phone signal for most of the day, so even Tex started clutching at straws and we had to make several U-Turns, but the ride through the dessert was beautiful, the temperature was at 28 degrees and the scenery was great. Lots of twisty’s and no traffic for most of the day.

In the middle of the desert there are lakes, and once you have passed it there is just rocks and sand and no plants:

And then all of a sudden the last 100km things started changing and we started see trees and green grass and eventually mountains and Pine Trees, and the we started climbing and climbing and eventually I was shivering, we had climbed to 3015 Meters above Sea Level, we were in the snow again and I decided not to stop and put on layers and winter gloves, but it was a mistake, I should have done so as we eventually got to a frozen lake and it was bitterly cold.

I got separated from the group as I had to stop to clean my visor. I had a double  whammy as first I needed to sneeze , when you sneeze with a helmet on you need to have the visor open, but if you open the visor too soon then the wind blows away your sneeze, but today I miss-timed it and opened it too late and then it was a groot gemors inside my helmet, but soon after that a bug flew into my outside of the visor causing an even bigger gemors on the outside, so I had to stop. So I rode alone for a long time and did not stop enough to take photos as I was trying to catch up, but still managed to get a few photos of today.

There was a frozen lake at the top of the mountain.

Duck Creek Village is a hive of activity for Quade Bikes, and “Side by Sides” and looks like in the winter, Snow Mobiles.


There was a lot of Gravel planned for today but it had to be cut short as we were running behind schedule. There is nothing like some white gravel dust on you back-wheel:

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