The photo I promised you yesterday, Rocky being driven around to the restaurant for his Birthday.

This morning we left late as there was a mix-up with our hotel bill, paid for multiple times and it was also debited off Tex’s account.

The beautiful coastline continued, white powder sand and deep blue water. No wonder Florida is the “Sun Shine Coast” of the USA and it is also the place where the Americans come for their Beach Holidays. The season is just starting, but I have no doubt these 121 Jet-skis gets used in peak season, (must be a traffic-jam om the water.

Do you call this a Boat-Bus?

The road was just a continues row of Hotels and Hi-rise Holiday Apartments on our right and take-aways, scooter rentals, clothing store’s and surf-shops. We were on the well known scenic Route 98 East but I could just as well be riding through Umhlanga Rocks for 200km’s.

We stopped for lunch at a Biker Dinner. There are so many Harley’s, many with little trailers behind them, (nobody wears any helmets) and it is really a big thing here. See this interesting guy we met inside, note the sign-board behind him, here Lawyers advertise on big billboards and I see even some specializing in “Maritime Injuries” which makes sense wit the amount of water-craft in this State of Florida.)

Note the skeleton toes on his boots.

Interesting things inside the Dinner as well.

After lunch “everything came together” as the saying goes, first the colour of the water changed from clear & blue to muddy and brown, then the holiday accommodation stopped and Route 98 East started winding through forests on the left and the sea on the right every now and then.

I stopped-off at one of the many RV Parks (Recreational Vehicles,) and this is the size of their “caravans and bakkies”

About our accommodation tonight, How Low Can We Go !!!