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Leg 11: Africa

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“RSA Bikes are Back” and Up-date on Lesotho, New Member, New Bikes

At the end of July the three RSA Bikes (mine, Rocky’s and Peens’s) and our beloved Back-up, (Brutus, Bakkie, Bucky, name it what you like, this Land Cruiser followed us for almost 45 000km  over two Continents and not even once did it miss a beat, once it got new tyres, once it needed a jump-start and once when the fuel-filter was so-clogged-up did it almost die, but proved to be as solid as the rock of Gebralta,) arrived back home.… Read More

Thursday 17th Jhb to Memel 320km

The 5 of us left Johannesburg at lunch-time, but this time the 5 were not the same 5 that did the  previous trips. Tex and Pie’s “American KTM’s” were shipped back to the USA when Rocky, Peens and mine were shipped back to RSA. On this trip we were joined by two of Peens’s Paragliding Buddies, Charles & Marinus, both on BMW’s.… Read More

Friday 18th Memel to Sani Top Chalets 460km

We left early as we knew we had a very long day ahead, out of the 460km only 100km was going to be on tar roads. The rain had stopped but the road was not bad at all, the scenery was beautiful.  We set of towards the village of Normandiene on the gravel road.

lesotho-leg-11-008 lesotho-leg-11-007 lesotho-leg-11-005


We had a choice between two passes, either Mullers Pass or Normandiene Pass.… Read More

Saturday 19th Sani Top to Quachas Neck 302km

We had a wonderful breakfast with all the tourist that slept at Sani Top Chalets with us and then we went for a photo next to the newly opened Mall of Sani.

lesotho-leg-11-042 lesotho-leg-11-044

We were surprised to find a newly tar road that was built between Sani Pass and Mokgotlong. I was very thankful for this 50km Get-Out-Of-Jail Road as I knew that we had a 80km stretch of road classified as a 4X4 Road ahead of us past Sehonghong and I remember how the last 40 km of the days ride was done after sun-set the last time I did this route.… Read More

Sunday 20th Quatchas Neck to Malealea Lodge (near Maseru) 397km

Before Breakfast the Spares-man delivered a car battery and very thin copper wire which looked like it come with the compliments from the building-site next to his shop. A plan was made:


The battery was strapped onto the back of the bike and the copper wires were run under the seat, problem solved we thought, but Murphy had a few other plan with us.… Read More

Monday 21st Malealea to Johannesburg 498km

A photo of my Basotho Hut :


After a breakfast we went to the reception to collect the BMW’s battery which we charged over night from the Lodge’s bank of batteries (which gets charged by solar during the day, they are 100% off-grid and only start their generator when there was not enough sun to re-charge all their batteries during the day.… Read More