Leg 8 Day Two : Admin Nightmare

It is now almost Noon in Samara and we still have not got the clearance to leave. Yesterday it took Peems 6 hours to get the insurance as a new regulation came into effect in April where all insurance on older vehicles need a road-worthy certificate, we did not have the 3 exta days to do the roadworthy and Peens used his “lost puppy” look and boyish charm to get the insurances, as a result he almost got a wife in the process (we are still trying to find him a wife and he has been single for 55 years and we fear he will never find a wife.)

The lady that helped us with the insurance was invited by Theuns to dinner and she joined us with Dmitry and his wife Sasha and baby Eugenie for dinner last night. Needless to say Theuns’s proposal to Kate did not end in a possitive answer and she will not be following Peens back to Jhb.

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  1. Good to hear/see your news, really interesting to visit parts of the world that are not on the tourist route. Seems most people like us want to live in peace.

  2. this is wonderful

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