Day 204 Monday the 5th of May Blowing Rock to Chattanooga 601km

Last night we had dinner in the local pub, Speckled Trout or Something Trout, the town of Blowing Rock is just like  Dull Stroom, but high in the mountains. It was freezing and there is a Alpine fell to all the houses and I almost felt like I could have been at a Ski Town in the Alps. This was by far the most scenic day of the trip and probably one of the top 10 scenic rides in the 12 Legs we have done as it lasted the majority of the day.

At our Coffee stop we met two very interesting bikers, the ones business Card said he had “No Job” and listed his interests, “Bikes, Plans & Accurate Rifles” and they were doing the small gravel roads, (which we would have loved to have done but one can spend months in this National Park and not ride all the roads.

This guy below worked in Bloemfontein for PISA, (Parachute Industries South Africa) in the days when Ben Voster was Prime Minister, so the odds are very good that he provided the Parachutes Peens jumped with when he was a Parrabat (Special Unit of the SA Defense back many years ago.)

The road stayed stunning, with lakes and streams and very high trees covering the road on both sides.


Pie who has now found new friends on his Tour de Studebaker was the one guy that Rassie showed on the map where we had to ride. These are Pie’s new friends, I hope they keep him :

So with him not being with us anymore, we stumbled onto the Tail of the Dragon. Although it was 15h00 on a Monday, there were plenty of other bikes riding it, (also at least 10 Mustangs, 10 Mazda MX 5’s and several other Muscle Cars.

But the nicest by far was Dadd-Ass, (see below) she behaved like a Sports Bike in all the bends.

We rode most of the day on the World Famous (among bikers) on :

At a stage we were riding in the Great Smokey Mountains, absolutely stunning.

But I have to admit, I am “finished tonight” as it was non-stop-consentration” as it was a day where we hardly went straight, it was just bends the whole day. Here is some Helmet Cam Footage :








I took this photo of Peens on The Tail, he stopped and took one of me as well but no one will probable ever see that photo as I was quicker then the Shutter in this Camera !!!

We are joined again tonight by Dog who arrived in the town before us, got us some proper Oros Accommodation and got us all a Military Discount (he used his Veterans Card, remember he was a Marine) and then on top of that he got us all to qualify for the Police Discount, so, basically, the hotel is paying us to stay here, (almost.)

Dog went site seeing without us and worked on some route for tomorrow where they used to take Cannons up the mountain, (ore something along those lines)


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  1. Estie du Plessis

    9th May 2017 at 10:21 am

    Dit lyk ongelooflik ! Dankie vir blik in ‘ bikers’ life

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