This morning we had breakfast next to the ocean and then Peens started showing-off his new GPS, it can do more than just offer you the Fastest Route or Shortest Route, but can also offer you the Route with the most bends, or Twisties as we like to call it, (or offer you the most scenic route.) And ohh Boy, did that GPS deliver.

Here we are doing the daily GPS programming that is done just before we take off to ensure every one is following the same route and that we know where we meet-up and where we will meet if things go wrong or we miss each other.

thailand5 001

We had to cross over from the East Coast of Thailand to the West Coast, and that GPS made us cross over the highest points (never higher that 45 meters above sea level,) but it searched all the roads that twisted and turned and we had a great day in the saddle, and before it got to hot the heavens opened-up and it started raining very hard which cooled things off. The road had a second smaller lane for bicycles and scooters, so the going was easy and safe, and the scenery was top-notch.

thailand5 004

thailand5 007

thailand5 005

thailand5 003

Not many photo opportunities in the rain but there were two photos that were taken before the rains came down. These ladies (and many other people on bikes) where these not because of a religion (they are Buddhists so it is not Burkas) but to prevent sun-burn, and I guess they sweat and then the wind blows on this balaclava when they ride which cools them down. It is just funny to see all these “Ninja looking “bikers” on the road.


I was a little taken aback with Phuket, I knew it was a big Island and the main town was a city, but I did not expect it to be so busy and congested and full of traffic-jams. We rode to a few beaches and eventually at 19h00 chose to stay at Rawai Beach because of its position right at the Southern Tip, closes to the dive-sites. Peens and I found a dive operator and booked for a triple dive trip for tomorrow while the others found us some accommodation.

We found this on the road today.