Day 244, Wednesday 17th July Cache Creek to Alaskan Highway Junction (Via Mackinzley and McLeod Lake) 698,9km

My story today is very short, 80% of the day was in the rain, and when it rains the Touring stops and it becomes a ride from point A to B, and no photos in the rain, so I hardly have photos of today’s ride. We are still riding in the State (Province) of British Columbia, so there are many names dating back to the Colonial days, like Lake William and Prince George, and there are so many lakes here that they don’t each get a name, just a number, like “7 Mile Lake” and some Villages also don’t have names, they get called by their distance from a place, like a Port, and we passed places like “70 Mile House” and later we rode through 100 Mile House.

 I slept so bad last night, I did not remove my Camping Bal-sak (bag) off my bike and during the night I kept on waking thinking I am hearing them stealing my camping gear. It was a dodgy area, lot of Dagga (Cannabis) kids walking around (dagga is legal here and it is the annual 3 month long Summer Holidays at the moment.)

Last night I battled with the Wi-Fi in the Bates Hotel, I could pick up the signal but had no internet connection. As a last resort I went to sit in the bar where the 15 locals who came for lunch were still there speaking Lawn-mower(the language of people who are drunk) to the Bar Lady (who doubles as the Receptionist for the rooms above, she also takes food orders for the one guy in the kitchen (he doubles as the IT Guy tasked with sorting out the wi-fi and maintenance when you complain about the absence of hot water.) Still no luck with the wi-fi I gave-up and just did all the prep and sent out the blog this morning when we stopped for Breakfast.

We left at 6h00 in the rain wearing our Rain-gear and kept it on all day. We stayed on “The 97” which is known as the Alaskan High-way. It is a nice big single lane road with runs through the forest. It often becomes a double lane for a few kilometres as a Passing Zone and it has a big wide shoulder and it reminded me a lot of the Trans Siberian Highway we rode in Russia.

We did go off the main road in search of Fuel and encountered the same type of bridge we rode over yesterday, a wooden bridge, which was fine yesterday when it was dry, but needed a lot more caution when wet today.

This is how most of today looked:

We headed to Mckenzie’s, a small town 31km off the main road, we hoped to get accommodation, but all three the Motels were full due to all the contractors doing bridge repairs, there is also a Mill and some mining, but everything was full, so we back tracked to the Intersection where we asked at the petrol station where we could find accommodation, they told us we had a 180km ride North, or rent their one&  only cottage, which we did as we were so cold we did not have the strength to pitch our tents, which was our other option.

So now we are sitting inside our cabin, whoever stayed here left yesterday’s dishes in the sink, but the three double beds are made, so there will be some camping indoors as we can’t share beds, although I am worried when I see how cosy we sit on our only couch.

Dog’s mission tonight is to dry some gear, and our dinner tonight is Biltong and crisps from the Fuel Station. We do have some whisky, so we will make the best of this evening.

Pie’s Rain Suit which he started this World Tour with in 2012 in London finally died today, it fell apart, but with some Duck-Tape it might make another Continent.

This is our Cabin:

This is our view from our cabin

Tomorrow is another 700km day and I hope it stops raining, and that Fort Nelson, our destination for tomorrow, has accommodation for us.

Once again we have no Wi-Fi (as expected,) and the Modem I bought in Seattle only works in the USA, and we are now in Canada, but once we reach Alaska, the State of the USA I should be able to have a proper connection, so tonight, as the Cell Phone Signal goes “in and out” I will use Data Roaming and try to send this Blog, if not, tomorrow along the route I should find a place that has WI-FI



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