Leg 13 Day 218 Edmundston to Montreal 713km

Last night we set went to dinner and discovered that hardly anyone could speak English, we were on the border of the Province Quebec which I knew was a French Provence but I did not know the extent of this, it is actually like being in France, (even the Forests ended and we are in proper rural farm areas with field for most of the days ride.) Dog found love while we were discussing the problem regarding Pie’s Tube, or lack thereof. I learned that the insides of tires differ and that a tire made for a tube is very smooth on the inside to prevent a rough surface rubbing against the tube and eventually causing a puncture, but tubeless tires are very rough on the inside, so it did not look good for getting the bike to the next big city the following day.

We set off this morning into different directions, first Pie inflated his tire with more Foam Fix A Flat and then he pumped it to 4 Bar before getting onto the highway, Tex and Peens went to the local Walmart to buy a few more cans of foam and the rest of us also got onto the highway after filling-up, at least 20 minutes after Pie. We stayed on the highway expecting to find Pie within the 1st few kilometers but we never saw Pie again until tonight as his tire lasted with a little bit of management from his side, the tire lost 1 Bar of pressure every hour and with regular top-ups he rode into Montreal all by himself by 12h00, Tex followed him into town next and they went for lunch Down Town and then got the group accommodation 45km outside the City Center (to save money as the hotels in Montreal are very expensive) and also to save time tomorrow by avoiding most of the traffic.

The rest of us could not resist when we saw the St. Lawrence river ahead of us, (we will now follow this river all the way to Buffalo as the Niagara Falls where we will be storing the bikes is also on this river and this river’s source  is all the water from all the Great Lake’s region. So we turned  off the highway hoping Mark will be Pie’s “Sweeper” and headed for the small little road that hugged the river passing through little villages and through farmlands.


Note the wording in the Pumpkin photo below, all in French, even the road-signs are in French.

And speaking about Road Signs, you remember I told you about the little roads next to the main road for the ATV’S  (All Terrain Vehicles, like little small 4×4’s and you sit inside,) and also for Quad Bikes :

Well guess what, these roads are also for Ski-Do’s or Snow Mobile as in the winter they also use these side roads with the little road signs, I always wondered why they were so high off the ground, well now I know, it is because the snow is so high in winter. This sign below shows that there is a crossing for Snow Mobiles 55 meters ahead :

The people of this area obviously enjoy their snow-mobiles in the winter and this showed today, which I think was the last hot-spell before Autumn really starts to bite, as we must have passed at least 300 Motorbikes and Trikes today, (and believe me, the Trikes make up at least 40% of these as it is very similar to a Snow Mobile and similar to ride, and old people who feel un-safe on a bike can easily and safely load up the old-lady regardless of her weight and even hook the trailer with the camping gear.) I also have to say that of the bikes that passed us they were all Harley’s apart from maybe 6, and females make up about 30% of these bikers.

This is the Trike that looks and ride like a Snow Mobile :

Two wheels in front.

And then this is the traditional Trike with two wheels at the back :

I must now sell this concept to my wife and hopefully one day when I am too old for a bike the two of us can step onto a Trike and tour through Tuscany?

This man have to stop for lunch to re-load his body:

We stopped to enjoy and experience local Cuisine, and Boy oh Boy did we choose the wrong place for lunch, it was a French Theme Health restaurant that server everything on a Buckwheat Crepe (Type of Pancake) with Molasses and fish pate and we ordered sausage on the side, which I think would have said on an English Menu, which they did not have, “Buckwheat Sausage.” But they had some local crafted beer which was ice cold, and since we allow ourselves to have only one beer during lunch, we slowly savored the beer enjoying every drop of it.

After lunch we continued next to the river and by now the traffic had increased as every person with a sport-car or convertible was now joining all the hundreds of bikes cruising along the river soaking up the last of the sun’s rays. At one stage I saw the temperature go up to 30 degrees, which is far from the perfectly manageable temperature of between 17 and 20 degrees (which you can regulate with opening and closing the vents on the jacket and pants by zipping them open or closed.

Then we rode into Montreal over some impressive old bridges :

And it is a beautiful old city, we went Down Town which was the area next to the river where all the old warehouses were which have now been turned into art museums and galleries etc with lots of little restaurants and pubs all along the streets.

For those of you who knows me well you will know I fancy myself as a bit of a chef and a bit of a Koi-Keeper, and that I have posted several of my underwater photos I took scuba diving, (some of which I have in the past posted on this Blog,) but those who have been to my house knows that there are no empty walls in my house left as they are all full of the photos I have taken over the years, so imagine my surprise when I stumbled onto the World Press Photos of 2016 being displayed in one of the old warehouses on the water’s edge.

This photo was the winner, but I must say it did not impress me much as it was just a photo of a woman at a protest in Alabama and it would not have been my choice as the winner :

Sorry for the quality as these are my photos taken of the photos on display.

But here are some that I “liked.”

There is always some photos from Iran that shocks:

Did you get the clash of “time” and times above?

Unfortunately war always sells newspapers and Syria featured a lot.

This one did not win the Nature Category but was my pick, but the photo that won was series of photos about Rhino Poaching and I could not even look at them, to think there are people in the Far East who believe that a horn can give him strength and power, (not even to talk about shark fins, Snake blood etc. etc. etc.)

The slums in Basil is always a “hit.”

But this photo I relate to, (remember we were at the Panda Center when traveling through China.)

Lets not forget the destruction caused by bombs daily around the world :

The photo below was taken in a jail in the Philippines, designed to house 500 inmates, now there are 3800 inmates, this is how they sleep:

Syria once again:

But the photo I related to the most (below) and which was in 2nd place (it was my choice as the winner) is of this man in Ukraine, in the area where the plane was shot down, near the Russian border, Dinesk, and I relate to this photo as only 3 months after we rode through Ukraine and drank beer on the square in Kiev, and rode around the Crimea, the Russians took back Crimea and 70 people were killed by snipers on the square we had beers a few months prior. In fact, the hotel we stayed at was temporary used as a morgue on the one side of reception and a hospital on the other side of reception. And the world just watched and did nothing. I see so many aspect in this photo, it breaks my heart but there is also something positive to take out of this photo.

And on that depressing note today’s Blog comes to an end. Tomorrow we head for Toronto where Pie will hopefully make it to continue Tour de Studebaker with problem tube, the rest of us will spend some time next to the river and some time on the highway as tomorrow is our last ride, on Tuesday we ride only 100 miles into Buffalo ( after seeing the falls,) find a place to store the bikes, find a KTM Dealer to do some service and supply us with a few extra tubes and aslo new front tires before starting out flights back home.


  1. Absolutely loved the photos – thanks for sharing !

  2. Hi Dad!
    The photos are breathtaking, the raw emotions captured in a single image is amazing. The one of the turtle is unreal. I still think your photos are beter, because they have me in them💁
    Can’t wait to see you soon!
    Love you madly, veilig ry❤️

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