Day 192 Tuesday 25th April – Houston “We dont have a Problem

This morning Peens made us Breakfast and then we left for the Johnson Space Center, a few kilometers from Tex’s house. The first thing you see from the Parking-lot is the Boing 747 with the Space Shuttle on top.

Inside they have several craft and vehicles and Space Suits hanging from the roof.

There are many inter-active displays and several audiovisual displays, they also have many mock-up displays.


We then went on two guided tours by Tram, to different buildings on the premises, the first tour took us to the Training Center where all the Astronauts do their training inside Simulators and there are also actual modules of the entire  International Space Station in which they train before their mission to the Space station.  There are  Countries who work together on the Space station, (USA, Canada, Japan, Russia and Europe,) and each country built their own Module and then it is attached to the others in space when they arrive there.  So for training for the Space Station, Modules\replicas of each countries module thaqt the sent up, is housed inside this traing centre as the different countries move between each others modules and work together as one. The International Space station is the size of a Rugby\Football; field.


One can see the Engineers and Rocket Scientists on the floor busy developing products needed for  future Deep Space Exploration. We even saw an Astronaut training to perform some tasks in a weightless situation.

Aafter the Training Center we went to see the Apollo Rocket, (Apollo 11 was the one that landed on the moon.) It is too large to fit onto one photo, but one can just stand in awe at the size of it. The 1st Rocket Booster (with 5 motors on) separates after only 2 minutes from the rocket, then a few minutes later the next section seperates (it also has 5 Rocket Motors, just smaller) and then that section also seperate and continue with only one rocket, and then later, after landing on the moon, only the front little tip returns to earth. Here are some photos that shows what I am trying to say.

One of the big rockets above.

Above : Smaller one from stage two closest to the camera

Below are the rockets of the 2nd stage.

Stage three below

Note the final capsule in the front (the only part of the rocket that comes back to land.

The 2nd tour took us to Mission Control and we sat behind the glass window where the VIP’s used to sit during Space Launches and Missions, (the guide told me that the char I sat in was the same one that the Queen of England sat in in 1991.) While driving between the buildings the guide explains to you what is done in the different buildings, the most interesting one for me was the building in which Food Scientists (my cousin is one) develop better food for future space missions  as food can not past on the space station, so all food they eat are powder food or dehydrated food which are hydrated and heated before eating it in space.

We spent a total of 5 hours at the Center and I wont bore you with more info or photos, but it was truly a memorable day.

The ride starts tomorrow we are heading to the Tabasco Sauce Farm\Factory near New Orleans.

Final Photos

Read below on the photos what the future plans are for NASA




  1. Wow ! Great experience ! Ek is verbaas kameras word toegelaat.

  2. Looks like you guys are having fun and look forward to the daily update!

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