Leg 13 Day 210 Bridgewater to Annapolis 307km

Yesterday afternoon at 5pm we met up with Pie at the house of a very big collector of Studebaker Cars.  The collection of cars are kept in a barn near the house and does not just include cars and trucks but also anything related. I was blown away, here are some of the photos.

This morning we left early and headed North East again to the Shenandoah National Park just to travel on the famous Skyline Drive through the park, we passed into the Park through the gate after paying a fee and we soon found ourselves at the top of the mountain once again riding under the canopy of trees. It was a comfortable 16 degrees and the road was following the top of the mountain. The foliage above us was so dense that the GPS on several occasions lost track of where we were as it could not connect to the satellites above us due to the trees over the road.

Here is a photo of the view,(before the clouds lifted and the sun came out.) But we were at an altitude of 1111 meters above sea level.




After two Deer tried to spoil my bike-trip by running in front of me I stayed glued to the rear of Rockies bike, close one, missed by less than a meter, luckily the speed limit was very low.


This Photo I pretended to want to take just to get close to the people who’s dog bit Peens.

And here are the dogs who correctly spotted Trouble and were just protecting their owners.

I met this couple touring with their two bikes and trailer, (trailer full of camping equipment and food and drinks.)

Once we left the National Park we only had about 100km to do to get into Washington D.C. and I was expecting that we would have to get onto the Interstate very soon, but was pleasantly surprised as the road ran along Vineyards and farms almost into Washington. Last night I asked the car-collectors wife why there are pumpkins on so many houses front yards and at the front doors and she explained to me that this is the harvest time for pumpkins and that pumpkins are very popular to use in food at this time of the year. I then remembered seeing Pumpkin Cheese Cake sold the day before. I spotted this pumpkin stall along the road.

I also spotted a Farm-Stall selling Guns and they has a special on Glocks, but I was scared I would be shot if I dared stopping to take a photo.

Pie saw this old-time-retro-Diner and we had to stop and eat something, as you sit down you are poured a cup of coffee and watching the single chef cook for the entire Diner was Poetry in Motion.

Then we headed into D.C. and the temperature rose to 26 degrees just as there was an accident on the last stretch of Highway, so we sat and cooked for a while. We eventually rode into the city and after trying our luck to park legally along the road we gave up and went down into a Public Parking Garage where the price per hour was only $10-00, so Peens tried his best to negotiate with the lady and told her that we can park three bikes in one bay, so only 1 ticket for three bikes? No, not negotiable, we each had to take a ticket, and the irony is that we were all shown into little corners and behind walls by the parking attendant, so non of us got a parking bay, yet we still got a warning:

Once parked we changed out of our riding gear into shorts and comfortable shoes and then hopped onto the Open Top Bus Tour of Washington which lasted 2 hours.


There are 20 Museums which are all free of charge, (ranging from Holocaust Museum to museums about the native Indian, American Art, Modern Art, African Art, History Museum, Archives Museum where all the important documents and constitution are kept,)  the entire city is also littered with Memorials for Wars (2ND World War, Vietnam War etc. and many statutes of previous presidents etc.

One can just arrive at these Museums except this new one, the Museum for History of  African Americans which one has to get tickets on-line, very impressive architecture as well.

As there are two pilots between us it was decided to go to visit the Air and Space Museum after our bus-tour ended, we walked like tourists, eating ice-cream and sweating in the sun to the Museum, but as we entered they discovered Rockies Mc Gyver Tools in his pocket, (nothing more than a pair of pliers and a pocket knife,) and he was told he could not enter with it and they could not keep it for him either, so me being the kind-hearted person I am, (and I have seen this Museum with my family about 10 years ago) I decided to take the weapon from him and walk back to the parking where the bikes are and it is from here that I am writing this Blog, however, I don’t have an internet connection as I still have not yet figured out to activate the Data Card I bought from AT&T (hopefully Dog will help me when we meet early next week,) so I will be sending this blog out tonight when we get to our hotel in Annapolis, (about 40km outside of Washington D.C.

An interesting thing the lady on the bus told us as we were driving past a guy with a Placard protesting against the CIA which he claims are reading his mind without his permission, (he is smoking the good stuff,) is that tomorrow, Saturday there will be 20 legal protests at different Memorials, permission for these were granted and some roads will be closed, but permission was also granted for a wedding to take place there, that poor wedding photographer.)

Tomorrow we  head to a small town on the outskirts of New York City.


  1. ek geniet elke dag se storie Johan, dankie, verlang somervterug na vsa! g eric

  2. Hello dad!! Ek is pappa baie, bly om te hoor dinge gaan goed🌻 Veilig ry sien amper!!
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