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12 January 2017 Up-Date on the New Bikes and Bells

On the cold Thanksgiving Weekend, Tex got three of his friends to help him to go and collect the 4 new KTM 1190’s that we bought on E-Bay for the American Legs (as the three South African bikes could not be imported into the USA. ) You might remember Gregg from the Leg through China, we called him Dog as he loved entertaining the kids with his Dog-Mask, well, he was part of the team that flew to Iowa to go and collect the 4 new bikes for us.… Read More

U.S.A Here We Come (some already there)

While some of us are working our butt’s off at work to get everything ready to be able to leave on Thursday evening, Pie is already there, in a small town Denison, (Texas) where he us busy riding some of his old Vintage Studebaker’s. As you know by now Pie is a collector of Pre-War Studebaker’s. He also started a Studebaker Motor-Museum in Denison.… Read More

Friday 21st April : Houston Texas

I stepped onto the Gautrain at 16h00 on Thursday afternoon, and today Tex picked us up at the airport 27 hours later, 27 hours of non stop traveling (apart from a few hours spent in the Airport lounges at OR Thambo and in Atlanta.

But there was no time for resting after arriving at Tex’s house, there was work to be done on the new bikes.… Read More

Friday 22nd Tex’s House to Tex’s Ranch

Last night’s Line Dancing, (or Square Dancing) was a disaster. We went to The Big Texas Dance Hall, it was full of Cowboys and Cow-Girls, yes, Hats and Boots are big here. They play mostly Country Music, with some songs everyone lines-up on the dance floor in rows, all facing forward, and then the idea is to all dance together, but one has to know the moves, there is one person in front who leads the group but I did not even attempt this as there is a lot of steps going forwards and then to the left, then a slap of your boots, then a step to the right and more slapping, this time using your hat etc.… Read More

Day 190 Sunday 23rd April : “A Day at the Races” – 372km

The ride to  “The Circuit of the Americas” where the Motorbike Grand Prix was taking place near Austin was just more than 100 Miles from Tex’s Ranch, where there are no Quarter Horses, (not even half a horse) as I discovered after I sent out yesterdays Blog, the previous owner had the horses and that was why it was still written on the name-board of the Farms sign at the entrance to the Ranch.… Read More

Day 191 Monday 24th April : From the Ranch to the House to the Factory

This morning we rode back to Tex’s house on the Bay, we had a breakfast stop at Starbucks and was at his house by 12h00. Peens continued working on his bike, we have given him a new Nick-name : Grinder, as he worked on his bike using an angle-grinder on the 1st day we arrived, Dog and his friend Marty were horrified that a new bike needed a grinder before Peens had even ridden it, but in the end I have to admit that the front mudguard conversion he did does look nicer than the mudguard the bike came out with, see what I mean :

Grinders Bike

My Bike

Rocky’s GPS was fitted and connected to the power and a few other small things were done to the bikes, I fitted a pair of Handlebar Raisers (to make the bike more comfortable and controllable when riding standing-up.)… Read More

Day 192 Tuesday 25th April – Houston “We dont have a Problem

This morning Peens made us Breakfast and then we left for the Johnson Space Center, a few kilometers from Tex’s house. The first thing you see from the Parking-lot is the Boing 747 with the Space Shuttle on top.

Inside they have several craft and vehicles and Space Suits hanging from the roof.

There are many inter-active displays and several audiovisual displays, they also have many mock-up displays.… Read More

Day 193 Wednesday 26th of April Houston to Avery Island 491 km

Yesterday late-afternoon we had an early Sondowner on Tex’s Patio, we tried to attract the Alligator that was swimming close to the house with some Biltong (Jerky) but that just got us several Seagulls.

Then we went on a cruise with the boat, we were 17 people as the friendly Texans we met the night before joined us.

Peens even had his own “Titanic Moment”

This is the Restaurant we had made a reservation at, but the space they left us to dock the boat was too small (it is a 50 foot boot,) so we had to go and eat where we could find a space to dock, which unfortunately was a Mexican Restaurant, (as you all know I am “allergic”  to spicy food and specially Frozen Margaritas.… Read More

Day 194 Thursday 27 April Avery Island to New Orleans 287km

Last night we met with one of Dog’s Buddies who stays in the area and he took us to the local Craw-fish Restaurant, it looked like an ordinary Family Dinner, with plastic table cloths and a serviette dispenser and a basket of sauces on the tables. The waitress was probably also the owner and was over 70, she could also not hear properly, but can she cook Craw-fish !!!… Read More

Day 195 Friday 28th April New Orleans to Pensicola via Perdido Beach 396km

Rocky milked his birthday yesterday, my present to him was that I Waxed his bike’s Chain, he was also Chauffeur-Driven to the restaurant last night by Pie in Amey’s sports-car, he got to sleep in the biggest bed and even asked Peens to Butter his Mielie (Corn on the cob) and cut his Po-Boy, it is actually Poor Boy but they spell it as it is pronounced and is a type of sandwich, (Rocky and I shared, one had fried Shrimp on and the other fried Oysters, they Crumb it before frying it, or as they say here, it is “breaded”) last night during dinner, so he had a very good birthday in spite of being away from his family.… Read More

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