Day 242 Storage to KTM to Hotel 11km

I arrived in Seattle Yesterday, all on my lonely-self and took a taxi to the hotel, I checked in and dropped my luggage in my room. My phone started beeping with messages before I got to my room, the Wi-Fi password was still the same from the last time, and there was a message from Tex saying that he and Dog have also arrived and we should take a walk to the Storage Unit and use our only spare key and remove our helmets so that we would be able to start collecting all the bikes from KTM in the morning. After that, we went out for an early dinner and a few beers at Ram Brewery near our hotel.

We had an early night, and I was very thankful as I had been travelling for 24 hours to get here.

This morning at 7h00 we walked to KTM where the three of us met Alex and Paul who came in speccially to open the shop (as they are closed on a Monday) so that we could remove our bikes. The original plan was that they were going to move the bikes back into the Storage after servecing them, but with Peens riding-off with the storage keys, they could not move all the bikes to the sotrage which is 2 miles away. After paying for the bikes service and putting them into the parking-area we started moving them to the storage where we started fitting our panniers and tank-bags and removing all the riding-gear that was left in the panniers for the winter.

I also left my GPS in the panniers and I suspect that it got damaged by the cold during the winter as it is dead, it wont turn-on when I place it on the bikes cradel and I cant see that it is charging, so maybe I will not be leading any rides by rather be following the guys who’s GPS’s are working. I have now plugged it into its big charger in my room, lets hope it works tomorrow morning.

Rocky arrived first, he flew via Frankfort, Pie and Milsy arrived 4 hours later, via Amsterdam.

We are all busy packing and re-packing our bikes to try and see how to fit everything on the bike as we have so much more stuff this trip, we all had to bring camping-gear which we never carried on the previous three trips in the U.S.A. and the bikes are loaded:

Above is Dogs bike, he used his right-hand pannier’s top for his sleeping bag and Stretcher\matresse.

Yes, I know, the photo needs to be rotated, in the past, before the new software I knew how to do it, but thanks to “making things better” I now can’t seem to figure out where the Ponytails decided to hide the Rotate button, I will look for it next Blog. At least the Spell-Check is working like a bomb, pointing out to me the very low standard of education I received or has it got something to do with me maybe not doing my homework????

But for those of you that turned your screens to view the photo of Dad-Ass and the extra bags she is loaded with, did you notice that it is raining????

More bad news I got today from Rassie is that friends of his, last week tried to ride to Dead Horse, Prudhoe Bay, had to turn around as the Dalton “High-Way” was closed due to road damage and fires. So I hope the road is open in 8 days from now when we try to ride it.

Tomorrow we have 608km to do, plus cross the border into Canada. We are riding past Whistler, a well know ski-resort in the winter, but in the summer it becomes a paradise for Mountain Bikers as well as guys with Enduro and Motor-Cross bikes to ride the mountains, and Milsy wants us to still stop there and rent “Plastic Bikes” scramblers\enduro-bikes, and he want us to do site-seeing on them for 2 hours before continuing. Dont know if we will have enough time, lets see.

The only real damage Peens did when he lost the keys was that KTM could not remove Pie’s bike to service it, but more importantly, to replace his front tyre. So tomorrow we set off knowing that along the 10 000km trip Pie will most probably run out of Front-Tyre, and I doubt we will be able to get such a tyre before we get to Anchorage, on the way down towards the end of the trip, so we will probably have to try and have a tyre couriered to Fairbanks, a city we stop at on the way up, and then have it fitted there. That is one thing about this Round The World Bike Tour, it keeps you on your tows as you always have to work your way around the problems as they come, and the come frequint and often.

Today I went to get a new Sim Card for the Pay-As-You-Go Wi-Fi Hot-Spot, I dont know if the young lady that helped me was just new, but she failed to get the device to work, then she phoned their call-centre and held on the phone for 10 minutes, eventually I just gave up and told her to rather sell me a new one, which she then activated in the store and I tested it to see it works. The one that she could not get to work was the one I bought from Wallmart, a big store like Makro, and it was not activeted in the store and I tried last trip to get it to work but it was problamatic, I really hope the new device will be a bigger success. I am told there will be days when I will not be able to send out the Blog as we will be so remote that there will be no Cell Phone signal.

Now we are meeting in Rockies room for Oros, (whisky and Biltong,) and then we are going out for a bite.



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