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While I was sitting at KTM today the rest of the guys rode up Mount Saint Helen, a Volcanic Mountain that erupted on 1980 and killed 57 people, but it was cold today and they rode around at 6 Degrees with lots of snow.

We are in the State of Oregon tonight on the banks of the Colombia river, we crossed over by bridge but Peens and Rocky found a Ferry.

We all met up at this little Pizza Restaurant where I ate the best pizza I have ever tasted. The guys were loving life, loving the adventure. Get a Room Tex and Milsy !!!!!!!!

Pie above the Snow-line on Mount St Hele

I had 125km of Highway, in the rain, all alone, on the wrong side of the road again, I did not feel comfortable at first, it took some time to get used to riding here in the States again, but after I turned off from the highway I had a 100km of small roads, and then the rain stopped and the sun looked like it was winning the battle and might pop-out, and suddenly I remembered why I was doing this.

But sadly I don’t feel confident that this “plan” is going to work for another 2 weeks, there is just too mich damaged to the hole where my lock used to be, the sides are caving in on itself and pieces of metal is blocking the little slor where the tip of my key has to turn the ignition:

I spoke to Alex from KTM and the new parts are arriving tomorrow at Noon, so I have decided to turn back in the morning, ride the 200km, wait for the hour it will take to fit the new Ignition, Fuel Cap and Seat Opener locks and then see if I can catch the guys who will be moving South but meandering and Zig Zagging and I plan to stay on the highway. But it looks like rain again, so not going to push too hard to catch them, might sleep over and catch them on route the next day, lets see.



  1. Love learning, through you writings, about the places you explore and journey through and you are not boring (us) with your stories of your feelings re the ignition/locks saga. Those feelings are part of your journey!
    Hope your ‘baby’ is fixed by the time you read this and yes it was the right decision to turn back and do the necessary repairs. Safe travels .

  2. You guys enjoy your ride .You have Theuns why not he exchange the bike and wait 4 hours to be fixed ? He is the master of all

  3. Safe travels and have a great adventure

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