Monday 25th to Novosibirsk 671km

This morning we decided to dip our riding boots into the M51, Trans Siberian “Highway” and I was very surprised to find it a very good surfaced, single lane tar road, smooth and without pot-holes and not like the 50-shades-of-gray road we tried before. The traffic was also much less due to the fact that we are much further East than before, we also crossed another time-zone and are now 4 hours ahead of RSA.

Novosibirsk is the capital of Siberia and is a big city, but the road leading into it was kind to us today, remote, and later in the day wet, but kind.

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We pushed through to Sergey’s friends industrial factory where we could work on the bikes, I decided to give Pie half of my clutch-plates, (4 friction plates and their 4 other plates??) There are 8 of each that makes up a KTM’s clutch, (I think, as I am not one for spanners and grease and technical data, )we then put the half of his broken clutch into my bike at the back of the factory in the pouring rain. It worked! So now my sister who always wants to know if I would give her one of my kidneys if she asked knows that I would give her half of my clutch-plates if she asked.

We have two new clutch-kits arriving in our friends suitcases on Saturday when we meet them at Lake Baikal (more about this famous lake later.)

Siberia has two things I dont like, ( actually 3 if you include their winter temperature of minus 50.) The first is the “long-drop” toilets, squatting style nogal. And the other is the mosquitos, I have never in my life, not even in the Amazon Jungle, seen so many Mozzies, it is crazy and every time you stop for fuel or to take a photo you just get stung, they fly up your nose, into your ears, and I have been stung everywhere, including “there” when doung the “long-drop-shuffle.”

See photo of Sergey and his friend who helped us today(another rescue thanks to the paraglider community.)



  1. Yoh some of your days are hectic ,but just enjoy ride,and please stay away from the old houses you might see the old owners(the ghost),I’m kidding ,take it easy now,there’s still long way to go,Enjoy( Obed)

  2. Lekker Johan….ons is lekker jaloers!

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