TV 2 Link of News Interview with us.


If you would like to see the interview on the news, go to

We are still far North and as a result the time-lines are close together, so we crossed over another time-line today, we are now 5 hours ahead of RSA.

There are no tourists where we are, only truckers, few cars. The people we meet think we are hunters (due to the horns on our bakkies grill.) Today I saw a woman selling fur hats and scarfs from the boot of her car, she looked like a wife of a trapper, a proper job in these remote areas.

As we are so remote, the “hotels” has gotten much worst, see Peens and I’s hotel room to night. Real cheap and very nasty, but clean, and they are tonight doing all my laundry, 20 items will cost 100-00p, (Roubles,) this is only R25-00. Since our trip has started we got a better exchange rate everytime we changed as the Rouble is losing value against the Dollar daily. Tonight we had dinner in a truckers canteen, we migth be spending some time on the long-drops fighting the mosquitos tomorrow.


  1. Nice interview Johan.
    Glad to see you’re all still standing despite the minor calamaties.

  2. Fleisch, you been in the movies and I always knew that you will somewhere in life feature on television news. That it is in Russia and for a good reason makes it all the better. Enjoy!

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