Above is our little hotel for the night.

Below is the Electric Charging Station for Tesla Cars. We are just over 200km from SF and Electric Cars are big. Up to now I have only seen 4 Porches, and two were electric. I have never even seen one in RSA. We saw several Electric Mustangs and Lexus is very big here in California.

Our little village tonight is lovely.

Below is the snack platter we ate while tasting wine in Napa

The guy below says he is the only surviving prisoner from Alcatraz and has set up shop near the ferry terminal. He has written a book and will, for a few Dollars, tell you some “inside stories” and pose for a photo. None of us believed him but regardless Danny Boy bought his book and got his photo.

Pie should be left at the jail, just look at the way he is wearing the Beany !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These two had lots of fun at the Visitors Section, just not sure who should be visiting who.

And here below we are on tour, following Bronwyn thought the streets of SF for a 10km tour of her city.

The buildings in the Gay Neighborhood all has either the flag they pinched from Mother Nature or murals or brightly  painted paint.

Dog looking very happy.