Pie and Milsy went to look at their last Studebakers and Motors before heading to join us at Oshkosh.

Not in my wildest dreams did I expect this “Celebration of the Aviation Industry” (as it is called and marketed) to be this big. Just the camping area is about 2 miles long and 1 kilometer wide. It is just tents and campers and caravans as far as the eye can see. With Hospitality tents providing food and drinks in the camping grounds. We arrived at the RSA Camp where there are 240 South Africans staying from all over South Africa.

The tents were all pitched and has a sleeping-bag and mattresses inside.

Everything is super organised !!!. There is a gate where you redeem your Tickets bought on-line and then you are handed a map of where each exibitor is situated, a Visitors Guide, a time-schedule of the busses going to the gate, and a list of when what event is scheduled to happen. And it is BIG, you start-off by walking through the Fly Market (actually like a Flea Market for Aviation industry.)

Rocky was looking at buying a new propeller for his small plane and Peens found some dodgy second-hand spare parts for his Micro-light which may or may not work\break\ fit. But the space to load this onto the bike is limited, thankfully.

But once we got to the good-stuff the smiles were big as there were the latest planes, instruments, headphones, gear, clothing and gadgets for the Aviation Industry.

But the plane that stole the show for me (actually, I have not even seen 20% of the show, so this winner might change over the next few days,) was this plane, it is loaded onto a trailer, the wings fold-up, and it can land and take off on either water or land, it is a type of sea-plane and in the pro-mo video the gpilot lands it in the water and start fishing !!!

Our little camp has a dining-tent where we can buy meals at night and in the morning and it has a “Honesty Bar” so you take what you want and just leave the money in a box.

Every evening at 20h00 there is a mega Air-Show that lasts for 1,5 hours, there is also a music festival running at the same time. I will report on all of that tomorrow.

Our American Friends are still riding and spent some time going up a Light-House and managed to find some nice gravel roads along the Southern Shore of Lake Superiour.

There are also many interesting planes on display.