Day 228 Sat. 28th July 5km

Yesterday the air-show kicked it up a notch and apart from just the normal aerobatics displays and the endless Fly-Pasts of all the old planes and funny looking planes, the Airforce arrived in force and the afternoon was filled with Stealth Jets and F35 Fighter Jets burning-up the sky with impressive sharp turns, dives and vertical climbs.

Yesterday all the people from different Nationalities attending the Show has a Walk-By under their countries flag, like with the Olympic Games, there are people from 68 countries and RSA has the 2nd biggest contingent, 240, just beaten by the Australians who have 100 more. All 1400 of us International Guests were invited for a dinner last night where we met new friends and had a lovely time.

The lie for food was way past our bikes.

After dinned we went to a Hospitality Bar, for a loop-dop. Very festive indeed.

There was even some live-entertainment

This morning Tex and Dog arrived and once they had settled into their tents we walked to the air-show where we split-up into groups, Pie went to attend some Workshop on Wood-work or maybe cooking classes or Origami, and Milsy and I took the Yellow school-bus to the Sea Plane Harbour to look at all the Sea Planes. The Transportation here is incredible, apart from the school busses transporting the campers from the camping-sites and between all the Hangers and Exhibitors, there are also schuttle trailers pulled behind tracktors, but the roads are buzzing with Bicycles, Golf Carts, scooters and motorised wheelchairs, many people pulling their chairs and bags in little fold-up tailers.



Notice the bottom of the sign EAA, they are the Experimental Aircraft Association and they host and organize this Air-Show and encourage people to bring new aircraft that has been certified as save but there are only the one proto-type that was built, they exhibit these planse here as well and hopefully an investor see potential and start funding these experimental planes, but more about those planes later.

The school bus ride impressed me as they are so aware of things that can go wrong and obviously they regulate the driver to follow rules, (apart from many CCTV cameras capturing the passengers every move, the bus driver stopped at a rail-way-crossing, then opened the doors of the bus, then drove over the railway line, then closed the doors again, just in case the bus (which is not a manual stick-shift) should stall and should a train approach the occupants can get out of the door in time.

Everything here is organised, plenty of Food Stalls, Free Wi-Fi, water-points, Phone Charging points, medical points and the show is almost entirely run by Volenteers who give a few hours of their time to do all the little jobs to make this show work so well. During the 7 days of the show over 600 000 people will attend, some staying for the entire 7 days.

Today I discovered more areas where people were camping under their planes.

At this show you can see the latest oils available for you plane, you can buy a Fire-Truck for your air-field, you can buy a Crop-duster to spray your mielie, you can choose one of the many Flight Schools who here call themselves Flight Universaties, you can go for Flips in planes and you can buy planes, you can even help build a plane as one plane is being built during the 7 days of the show, the public helps and are instructed as to how they should rivet, or where to bolt sections together etc.

This plane above is what the one being built will look like, its called “One Week Wonder”

Then we went to look at the only South African built plane which one can order in a Kit-Form and build yourself in 900 Hours. It also recently flew around the world twice and was on Cart Blanche a few months ago. But sadly for marketing reasons I guess, no mention it is RSA design and built and they only say the company is in LA, but we know the parts for the Kit comes from RSA. The plane is called a Sling:

Milsy could even buy a new Kit Car to build as his Cobra (a V8 Car) was built in 1984 and here he could order a 2018 model:

There is plenty to do for the kids as well. Below is a Symulator for flying like a bird, you lie down, put on special 3D Video Goggles, start flapping your wings and the fan above your head is switched on to blow so you really feel like a bird, and you can turn and dive and the faster you flap your wings the faster you fly. This kid was getting ready to take off.

But plenty of symulators for the adults also, from flying a drone, a 747, or paraglyding, there is one that will simulate it.

There are many Gyro-Copters, Heli Copters on show, but the most impressive was the new experimental flying drones, planes and even flying car. below is a flying bike.

Honda also builds a Private Jet:

And when you order one, you can choose the Sound System and where you want the speakers so that you can play it loud and have surround sound for your TV

There is also a section where you can buy scraped planes and parts at a bargain price, (dont the people buying the parts wonder why the plane fell in the 1st place???

They also had Drone Flying Competitions, note the kid has glasses on that he can see what the drone sees. Also not the brilliand photography with a small camera to have captured the drone at the kids knee as he flew it through his legs after zig-zag-ing over and under and around obstacles inside the cage he fly’s in.

Tonight there is another night-air-show and then we head off West tomorrow morning, so no more Planes and Oshkosh stories from tomorrow.


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  1. Damon (from the UK) and Ron ( from SA)

    29th July 2018 at 4:12 am

    Don’t forget you met these strange guys too . There we on a bike ….. a tandem which they had crashed .

    ps how do you upload a picture ?

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