Day 234 Friday 3rd August Worlands to Red Lodge 349km

Yesterday Peens took Selfie with Biso, and last night we ordered Bison Burgers and Steak. I did not enjoy it as I kept on remembering all the flies that sat on their faces.

We first went to a “Drive Through Help Yourself Liquor-Store\pub, which is legal in Wyoming, the state we spent most of yesterday and today in, and you can either sit inside or drive-through and the Draft Beer is poured yourself and then you pay at the counter. There was an area at the back where the boys played a game where you toss a Horse Shoe and try to get it to catch onto the wooden peg.


This morning early we left in two groups, Pie and Peens went to a big town to try and get new tyres and the rest of us took a spectacular twisty road into the Rocky Mountains. It started with green grass-lands and went to lakes and forests as we climbed, 1st up Dead Indian Pass.


The history lesson continued, and from reading all the sign-boards at the viewing-points it is clear that the army was on a campaign to kill all the indians they could as they were so humiliated by their loss with the battle of Little Bighorn when Crazy Horse won the battle against General Casta. They wanted revenge and even with the Indians fleeing, they chased after them for 2 month before eventually catching-up and killing them.


And then we crossed out of Wyoming into Montana where we are sleeping tonight. The town is called Red Lodge and is actually a Ski Lodge in the winter. During todays ride a saw a few chair-ski-lift drop-off points, but the Ski Expert among us said that the angle of the slope going down looked very steep, but all I saw today was just how beautiful nature was created, the ride was almost a religious experience.

A lot of todays ride reminded me of Norway and the scenery was really beautiful.

The winters snow still melting:

Then we started another serious climb up to 3600m, the temperature dropped to 14 degrees within 10 minutes of climbing and it was time to close all the vents on the jackets, but soon we had to stop to put on another layer of warm clothes.



‘And then the weather came in !!!!

To all the blonds reading this, the above is a photo of a photo in our hotel’s foyer and it is NOT how it looked on the mountain today, but it does look like that in Autumn.

DadAss in a tight corner.

Dog takes photos while riding, a little blured but one can almost see Milsy’s Smile.

This is how you smile:

As the cost of labour is so high in the USA, the Job Descriptions are very wide and one person is required to do a whole lot of different jobs, for example, in the photo below you will see the laundry and House Keeping as well as the Reception are all together and interliked, and it is opposite the lounge and breakfast area, so the receptionist works the Front Desk doing check in’s and check out’s, but also makes sure the coffee pot is full during breakfast, and the housekeeper helps at the desk with check-outs and check in’s,  and I guess the receptionist helps in the laundry when the rush at the front-desk is over, so all the staff works together to ensure everything runs well. Before we got our keys the lady that checked us in went to our rooms to make sure they were ready. See the wasing-machines in the back.

Maybe one of our group need to go for lessons in this laundry as this person, who will remain Un-known, asked a few os us who had some dirty cloths as he was going to do laundry and did not have a full load, luckily I did not entrust him with my smelly laundry as it turned out to be a disaster, he put all the clothes in the washer, loaded the coins in the slots, then added the soap powder and pushed “Start” and when he returend he found the clothes warm and fluffy, but still dirty, and the soap powded had crystelised on the cloths as he had mistook the Tumble Drier for the Washer.

Tonight we are going to go and have a look at the local Pig Racing??? Dont know what we will see. One of the other towns we passed through today have their Night Rodeo tonight, I think that would have been better to see than Pig Race, but I presume there will be a lot of Cowboys and it should be fun.

We are still going through towns where the legends of way back when inspired all the Cowboy\Western Movies, the bank in this town was once robbed by Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

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  1. Magriet du Plessis

    6th August 2018 at 7:02 am

    Sjoe Johan, hierdie natuurfotos is awesome – ek kan net dink hoe mooi dit is om dit in lewende lywe te sien!

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