Day 239 Wednesday 9th August Republic to Oak Harbour 494km m

Last night’s town was a proper Cowboy town, the bar even had swing doors, our horses were outside, inside there was confrontation, a dual was in progress, a fight was being fought, on the Pool Table, Peens accepted the challange and was entered into the towns Pool Competition, eventually he came second and won some money.

They managed to keep the towns main street looking like it did 100 years ago.

I am sorry to say that today’s Blog is going to be boring as we only had 2 high-lights today, the 1st was the longer than expected gravel pass over the mountain, it was a “shaky” affair as this pass had not seen a graders since the Dead Sea was still Healty. Going up shook and bounced us around and the corrugation was terrible. But once we got to the top the road became better, and the forrest had burnt, so there was more light and one could see the rocks and holes better.


We were very careful as the road going up was really bad, and the bikes are loaded and very heavy, and one split second loss in consentration can end not only your trip but really spoil all the others trip as getting you to hospital and getting your bike recovered will take some organising and arranging and spoil the trip for everyone, and no one wanted to be that person, so we all rode very responsable. Here is Tex going down on the better road, see how heavy he is loaded. And the prise for the person with the most weight goes to……………………. Milsy, he is loaded even heavier than Tex, but as he is a Roof of Africa Qualifier and will do us proud this year at the race, so he needs to have a bit of a handicap amoungst his friends.

Finding the pass was a little bit of a nightmare as Tex refused to use his GPS and we were followed him faithfully around farm-yards and funny-roads, and Tex is not the average man who refuse to ask for directions, he flags down farmers in their trucks and even rides into farms for directions. But eventually he got us on the right pass. By the time  we got back on the West 20 we had “wasted” almost 2 hours of our day.

At the end it started become a “tarred road” but it was worse than the gravel with a lot of pot-holes.

We first started riding next to small brown lakes, then much bigger blue lakes, on high mountain passes, in the tree tops of the Pine trees planted next to the mountains slopes, with the rock-face of the mountain on the other side.


And then we got to the Devils Lake (Lake Diablo) with its almost green coloured water.


Then it was time for a swim.

Tomorrow we hope to get a ferry to an island accros the bay where there is a National Park where we hope to finish this Leg with a final ride before going to look for the KTM Dealer we have selected and spoken to on the phone today.


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  1. Great meeting you guys yesterday (well some of you). Love the blog already! On an interesting note, Republic, WA is my hometown. 🙂
    We are already looking forward to planning the Put Foot Rally, but can’t do it until 2021.

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