Last night after Dinner we got on the bikes and rode to a nomad family which was about 10km from our camp, they were getting the goats and sheep into their over-night enclosure, then the family gave us some of their sour-milk and sour yoghurt to taste, then the lady served us some of their sour cheese. We were allowed to look inside the Ghur (round tent with a stove inside which burns with camel-dung) and they had a daughter of about 10 years old and during the 45 minutes we spent there her chores included helping with the goats, then taking the cheese that was drying on the roof inside, she had to look after the younger baby and went to fetch water, she proudly showed me her “corner” of the Ghur, she had a little shelf with a few  frames and religious symbols and an old out of tune blue Guitar which I tired to get to make an acceptable sound but I failed.

I gave her a little beaded bracelet her smile just light-up the tent, this little gift was so special to her.

This morning after Breakfast we were assigned a guide who lead us through the area on an old Honda B120, he was proud to take us to several sites in the reserve where his ancestors lived as far back as the 1400’s which he wrote in the sand for us. He took us to beautiful spots with impressive views and showed us some spiritual spots which we think have special spiritual meaning to the Mongolian people, but we could not communicate due to the language barrier and we just continued to race from one rock to another small sand dune before speeding off in search of the wild goats and wild sheep who were hunted to the brink of extinction, (the going price even today is still $150 000-00 for a big wild goat ram.


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But our highlight happened when his friend, a nomad from the area came to join us along the way to visit his friend and we then ended up at this friends Gher where we shared a meal with them, on the floor in the sand. We interacted with the kids and Gregg was handed the baby which he then held while the mother went to strain the cheese while the granny finished the lunch. Gregg has a mask of a dog and this entertained the whole family who I doubt would ever have seen something like this.

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