Day 279 Tuesday 3rd May Hotel to Bike Wash to Storage 23km


I went to bed yesterday at 4pm and apart form eating a Take Away brought to my room by Peens at 22h00, which I ate,  then slept till 7h00 this morning. I had asked my travel agent to see if she could change my flights to a sooner date but she phoned me 15h00 RSA time as arrange to let me know she could not.

I then discovered my wallet was missing. My heart almost stopped as I frantically looked for it. Last time I used it was when we stopped to take a break from the snow and re-fuel 88km before Denver, would I have to ride back there and hope the wallet was handed in? There was R11 000-00 inside plus my cards plus drivers license etc. I checked in my secret hiding place for my emergency cash which I stash inside my laundry bag, in a smelly sock, wrapped in dirty underpants, the Emergency Money was still there, just for a situation like this. I looked everywhere and decided I must have left it in my Tank Bag and that someone lucky went through the bag and stole my wallet. Many new problems I was facing raced through my mind. At that exact time Mr. Flippen Pie wanted my full attention to brief me what I must say when they stop me at the airport smuggling his Dyno Machine Instruments in a bright floral suitcase into RSA. I told him my problems were more serious than being body searched again by the Airport Security after their scanner reveal the Time Bomb in the bright floral suitcase.

I went back to the bike and packed all my clothes out and hung them over DadAss while the other hotel guests looked on in horror, nothing. But then I decided to look in all my bags on the bike and when I opened the bag on one pannier with all the winter clothes and gloves and rain-suite I remembered that I wore the rain-suite in the snow, and that is where I found my wallet. I felt like crying.

This morning while I was waking up from a mucus infused sweaty night next to Peens in the bed (the bed next to mine I should immediately add,)  Milsy woke up next to a lovely young lady, his daughter who studies in the USA came to see her dad. She saved the day for us several times today.


We went looking for a place to high-pressure-wash out bikes, we found several Car-Wash Places but its the drive-through type with a big roller that washes the car, not the type where we can spray the bikes clean. Then the young lady took control of the situation and with the help of Prof. Google and Maps she soon directed us into a suburb, we rode through the little streets and I was convinced she had failed, but then she pointed at a house and there in the driveway stood a special High-Pressure Trailer with soap pipes and a huge water tank on the back with attachments for the pressure washer and brooms etc. as this guy comes to your house or business to wash your kitchen or driveway or car or truck, so he quickly left his kids Breakfast Pancakes he was making and cleaned our bikes.

We decided to go our into the mountains for two nights, but the weather report predicted minus 4 degree temperature and snow and rain, so we decided it was time to put the bikes in storage. The young lady ordered us an Uber from the storage to the airport where the young lady once again ordered and booked us a Hired car to collect, it was Dodge, it was dirt cheap to hire a car here in America, much cheaper than in RSA.

So today my view of the road looked like this:


We climbed into the mountains and the temperature dropped like a stone, then we found a lake and a hotel and checked in for the night.

We arrived at a Ski Resort Town, but this was the very last bit of skiing happening. The slopes were empty, so were the ski-lifts, but the hotels were empty and cheap, exactly what the Dr. had ordered.

At the ski-lodge we staying the prices are really low as the  season was over, but also our resort, who did not serve a “Hot Breakfast” (more will follow about what we will find in the morning) saved money by keeping their Christmas Decorations up all year round as most of their good-ski-season is around Christmas, which as I have learnt I cant call “Christmas Season,” if I want to be Political Correct I must call it the “Holiday Season” just so that I don’t offend the Jews, Hindus, Muslim’s and the members of the LBTGTQ Community.


So we went to the local Brewery for dinner.

We were very happy down-stairs but then we had to move up-stairs to have wine as both premises had two separate licenses.

We had a great night, but then the weather report that scared us about the snow and the rain became true:

There was an option to sit outside, and then they would ignite a small little fire on the table between you, but there were no takers for the ‘Romantic Fire Table Option”

Peens has been trying to ski for many years and was familiar with the old wooden ski’s and Toboggan’s and after a few “stoute Coke-ies” ( a bottle of Coke which he makes “Stout” by pouring Brandy in, he was more than willing to show us how a “professional” does it.

I discovered a row of Pin Ball Machines and used all my Quarters I was supposed to use for my next washing experience o thse machines, they were very rare (never seen any in RSA ever,) and then the Pirates Of The Caribbean Pin Ball stole my heart, absolutely blew me away. There are so many “levels” in the game and the Pay-Surface even has another playing field which moves from left to right just like the deck of a normal ship. See the size of the screen on this Pin Ball.

Plus there was an October Fest Pin Ball

And Ghost Busters

But the snow came down hard which resulted in a Snow Ball Fight as we were walking to the cars, which continued into the bedrooms at our hotel, and a little “surprise” left in Peens’s bed.

But as I am writing this Blog Peens in lying very comfortable over the snow-ball and it does not seem to bother him.

Tomorrow we head towards Aspen, the ski resort made famous in the movie “Dumb and Dumber” and will have lunch there before turning back and heading for my Tiger Bathing Costume Display at the springs in Glenwood Springs.

I will not send out another Blog for a few days as the Bike Trip part has now come to an end. But I will do my emotional deep ‘wrap-up” of the trip when I am sitting in the lounge before I fly just to close off this Leg’s Blog. As in the past the last Blog Post has always become a bit of a Deep Reflection on the trip, dealing with issues like Trump, Gun Freedom, Racism, Civil War etc etc etc. Well this time its not going to be deep and I wont make you think deep. I had my little chirps throughout this Blog and the last Blog for this trip will be light and entertaining.

So don’t leave me now, just as I am starting to feel a Little Better.

One more Blog will follow on Thursday night or Friday Morning.





  1. Bev McGladdery

    4th May 2022 at 6:52 am

    Thanks for the entertaining posts! Loved following your adventures. Great to see my smart niece, Jess, helping out in this post!

  2. Tyla Fleischer

    4th May 2022 at 7:25 pm

    Murphy seems to really be up to his tricks this trip! So glad that you found your wallet!
    How cool are those pinball machines! 🙌

  3. Kylie Fleischer

    5th May 2022 at 9:39 am

    Die pin balls lyk cool maar die Highway Getaway by die huis is nogsteeds die beste!

  4. Enjoyed the ‘trip’ with you – super cool

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