Today we had a short day as we want to spend some time in Karina’s town, we all met her when she visited RSA for a three month holiday and we had time to invite her for dinner and show her South Africa. She is a ballon pilot, a snow-ski-kite instructor and flies for Russian Paragliding team.

Sergey’s ex-wife and two kids followed us per train and we are a big group today. I was sad to see so many bear skins and stuffed little animals being sold next to the road. I know it is done for the survival of the families and that there is an abundance of bears here, and Sergey says the chances are good one will cross the road and I will see one, but there is something wrong with shooting/strangeling an animal just to look at it, stuffed. If it was also eaten I could start to understand??? But as Sergey tells me every day, I am a Capitalist, so my view scewed.

Those of you that looked at the News Footage link I posted last night might have seen me driving the Toyota and towing Snowflake, well, the plan of giving Pie half my clutch plates did not work and halfway through the day my clutch went and Pie just made it to the town before his clutch broke, so this morning I got my clutch back and Pie is being towed.

I will post some photos and maybe a videu later today