Monday the 5th of August, Smithers to Valemount 709km, Day 263

Last night we had some Oros in our room before we went down the road to the Sports Bar for a burger, just after we sat down Peens found us, he had ridden 800km and looked rather tyred for the 1st time since I met him. I think the two days in Dawson City took its toll on him. He told us his chain had a few links with “problems” and asked us for the new chain and sprockets brought from RSA by Rodger, he told us he was going to fit it and then he left (as he had already booked in at another Motel,) and we never saw him again, he disappeared and up to now we have not seen him, the mystery continues, the Lone Star Tour carries on. But as today is a public holiday I dont know if Peens will be able to get help fitting the chain should he not be successful as special tools are needed to shorten the chain or the connect the chain onto itself, (in the past it was done using a Master Link, but todays chains are fastened onto itself with a Crimping-Tool-Thingy.

I saw this BMW Sidecar (below) outside the restaurant, I think my wife might consider touring Australia with me in one of these?????? Time will tell.

The road today got wider and busier today, today is a Public Holiday in British Columbia and there were many people returning from their long-weekend towing their boats and caravans. It was another sunny day and soon we found a very small little road leading to a swim-spot. It was a steep bank down to the fast-flowing water. We voted to tie a rope around Milsy’s ankle in case he gets washed away. He did his Hobbit Impersonation:

Trust me, he stayed in the water only long enough for this photo to be taken.

The little road was covered in moss and it sadens me to report that it “caught-out” Milsy and Tex:

Too Shy to look us in the eye
The Captain took off his boots and had a few minutes Shut-eye while Tex’s broken Panniers were panel-beaten and repaired with Tie-Downs
The scenary was still 1st Class. This photo can be turned up-side down and still look the same.

It was a very warm day, we had a long way to go and some of the group wanted to go for a SCAN (Senior Citizens Afternoon Nap) so we pulled off the road and found a place do their SCAN:

We are now in the stage of this Leg when the holiday is over, we have had our holiday and we just have to now get home. Our minds have switched today from Touring Mode to Going Home Mode. We see the beautiful scenary but it is all just Copy and Paste of the past 3 weeks, Been There Done That Got The T-Shirt.

This has been such a long trip, we are already at over 11 000km for the trip and we are not even home yet, still have around 1000km to go. We are missing our wives and kids and we want to go home now. I regret not looking for other options when family and friends one by one withdrawn from the offer to ride our bikes back to Seattle for us from Anchorage, just like Rocky was lucky to get. I doubt that I will even stop for a photo if I see a Mermaid riding a Uni-corn over the road tomorrow.

We arrived in our little holiday town for the night and our hotel has an indoor swimming pool with a Slide, so we all went for a swim and a slide:

Bad News Just In:

We just received a phone-call from Peens, he is 60km away from us and his chain has finally snapped, when it snapped the chain whipped into the clutch shaft breaking off some parts. He asked that we tow him into our town with our Tow-Rope (special bike tow-rope that hooks from the one bikes foot-rest to the other bikes foot-rest, a dangerous manoeuvre, only to try and start a bike or for a short distance to a fuel station.) We all jumped out of the pool and onto Google and learnt that his only option is to get the bike back to a town he passed 200km before, Prince George, where he can try his luck with KTM but the best suggestion we gave him was to rather rent a U-Haul Van (tomorrow after the Public Holiday) and load the bike in it and drive it to our storage-unit in Seattle, and then it can be fixed by Alex and the guys from KTM which will have time to order the parts and fix it when they are not busy. Peens’s flight back to RSA is on the 9th, a day after the rest of us, so he is running out of time and I hope he rather goes for the U-Haul option.

We phoned him again and he told us that someone with a trailer stopped and he thinks he will get a lift to Prince George with this guy. We wished him luck as the damaged caused by the chain when it snapped can not be fixed with a Band-Aid and then limp the bike back to Seattle, this damage is Game-Over and now he has to just try and get the bike in Seattle and into the storage and onto the plane on the 9th.

This is really bad news, this break-down happened at such a critical time, just days before the flight back home.




  1. I have enjoyed reading about your journey. Learnt so much about so many places and appreciate your humour, along the way. Safe travels for the last 1000kms.
    God bless
    Sally Perks

  2. Kylie Fleischer

    6th August 2019 at 7:28 pm

    Looks like they had a lovely scan😂

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