Leg 14 Day 222 Wet Wet Wet Toronto to Kilarney 471km

There must be days like these. We left in a rainstorm that got worst, at times I was sure one of us will fall due to aqua-plaining.  The morning was a disapointment after we had such an awesome evening at our RSA friends, now staying in Toronto, the three of us went to their house for a braai and we had such a lovely meal and the stories were flowing. So putting on my rainsuit and adjusting the bikes settings to “Rain” was a real bummer and I hoped it would be over soon. Remember Murphy, he spoil our day good and proper until 15h00 when it stopped raining.

We stopped in Barrie, about 150km North of Torronto for fuel, then we heard we might get a data card for my computer at Wallmart, so off we went, but the Manager and staff had a sense-of-humour failure when we used the battery operated shopping trolleys:

He told us they were not for the able-bodied shoppers, but by then we had already did one lap through the store with these wheelchair trolleys.

No luck with the datacard, so off we went to Canada Tire, which is like a Builders Warehouse, plus tire shop, plus hunting and fishing shop all in one with a mini Mc Donalds.

One has to eat at Mc Donalds a least once a year just to remember how bad it is, and just to experience to heartburn for the rest of the day.

The road was very busy with every Tom, Dick Harry and his cousin traveling with a boat, caravan or jetski on holiday or back from holiday. The Great Lake area where we now are is a very popular area.

We are in Killarney tonight and it is famous for many things, like the biggest freshwater Fjord and biggest freshwater island, and the hunting and fishing is MAJOR attraction here apart from all the sailing and watersports. Just accross from us there is an island and last week there were Black Bears playing in full view of the hotel guests.

Doing the Blog from my phone is a major Schlep as photos I take on my camera first has to be emailed to myself, then saved before I can post them. So once I get my computer sorted out (I am working with my computer guy in Johannesburg and he is trying to help, the 7 hour time difference plus the fact that I am on the road the whole day is not helping, but if we fail I hope a data card in the USA will help, we get back into the USA in two days. ) Then I will be able to send photos that is on my camera, and tomorrow I will just take more photos with my phone if it is not raining again.

Pie and Milsy slept at the Hobbits House last night and started riding this morning at 7h00 they told me, but sadly no detail was provided, which is no surprise to me as Communication is not their strengths and if it wasnt for me their wifes would not know anything, so let me pass-on their contribution to todays Blogg

Tex and Dog has disappeared, I hope they will send me a few photos of their trip soon.


  1. Enjoy – safe travels

    Enjoyed reading blog

  2. I see you have an official aerial escort, with the broomstick. Where’s the pilot of that?

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