Last night we went for a camel ride.

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After Breakfast we left for another 50km journey back to civilization via another route that would see us further South on the main road heading South towards the Chinese Border. But not my day, I struggled in the soft sand, in spite of going all the way to Country Trax  to do the Off Road Course with the legend in South African Adventure Bike Training Jan “Staal” Du Toit I still suck in the soft sand and have no confidence in my abilities when hitting the stretches of soft sand. But the day got worst when Tex lead us to what he was told was a “must see” in Mongolia, to an Energy Centre in the desert which is famous for sport stars visiting it to “get extra energy.” I was expecting a type of Health Spa and could already see myself sipping a cocktail next to the swimming pool, it turned out to be nothing like that at all.

We arrived at a huge Buddhist Compound (minus the pool and the cocktails) but it did have an impressive tower-like building and a few other buildings where I suppose you get your energy re-stocked, but the wonderful accommodation we have been hoping to find turned out to be several operators who pitched some Ghers and  offered tented accommodation at budget prices as their guests are local Mongolians (and maybe there was a sport star once that got lost and visited this places) who makes a type of Pilgrimage to this desolated place deep in the desert. There were no mattresses on the bed and no showers or even a face basins and a long-drops which consisted out of two planks thrown over a hole on which you are supposed to balance, and the fact that there are no doors for some privacy made them a no-no.

But we soon befriended the lady who runs the camp and sat in her “shop” and drank some beers while watching her cook and watching her two your daughters delivering the food and selling the supplies to the customers.

Here we are buying watermelons in the town 30km from Hel-Camp. I bought some Salami, butter and bread thinking we would eat it the next day for lunch but it turend out to be our dinner.

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