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Leg 1 – April 2012 – U.K. Wales, Isle of Man,France, Switzerland, Spain, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania

We all arrived in London but were told that due to the Easter Weekend neither of the two containers had been inspected by “His Majesties Customs” and we had to wait. As a result a Ford Van was rented and we drove to see the Isle of Mann via Snowdonia (Wales) and the Lake District.

The Big One Part 1 all cameras and video 096

On return to London a few days later the container from South Africa was cleared and un-packed.… Read More

Leg 2 – July 2012 – Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey

We had now decided to head for Turkey from where we would enter Syria, and avoiding the town of Homs where there was “a little tension,” would ride through Jordan into Saudi Arabia and take a ferry to Port Sudan from where we would be back-on-track and heading for Cape Town.

Romania Bulgaria Turkey 279

But as Peens had to compete in the World Para-Gliding competition in Sopot (Bulgaria) he returned to Romania before the rest of the group with new ignition, and with his glider strapped to the back of his KTM rode over the nearest mountain following the shortest distance route on his GPS only to spend twice as long getting there as the “road” became a track and then it started raining.… Read More

Leg 3 – November 2012 – Turkey & Georgia

Our friend Rikus joined us on this leg to drive the Toyota.

The Big One Part 3 big camera 179

We returned to Istanbul and immediately headed South, but first had to learn  KTM Lesson Number 2, when Pie’s bike, which we jump started the morning, cut-out while at full speed on a main road, which proved that a faulty battery can display symptoms of running out of fuel and the alternator alone is not enough to power the electrics of the bike, it needs a good battery as well, (we replaced the battery on the centre island during peak morning traffic and then she ran perfectly.)… Read More

Leg 4 – May 2013 – Georgia, Ukraine, Crimea, Russia

Our Greek friend, nick-named Dollar joined us for this Leg. We re-packed our bikes and the Toyota and headed towards the Russian border where we planned to sleep on the 3rd night in the town where the Olympic Winter Games were going to take place the following year.


But a few kilometres from the border we were stopped by the army who informed us that there was a group from Chechnya across the border in Russia who had claimed a part of Georgia for themselves and the border was closed.… Read More

Leg 5 – September 2013 – Ukraine Poland Germany & Denmark

When we were planning this leg we were not sure if the Toyota would be prepared in time. In spite of all the technology at hand and Google Translate, we were just not getting any proper answers to our questions from the Panel-Beater.

Big One Part 5 Ukraine, Poland, Germany Denmakr 341

We would ask him if the repaid would be finished by September and he would answer by asking us what break-fluid he must use.… Read More

Leg 6 – Mei 2014 – Denmark, Norway, Lapland, Finland Sweden

We took Hennie with us to drive Brutes on this trip, but as he is an accountant he also managed our Kitty (pool of money for paying the day-to-day expenses,) and he balanced our books to the last cent with great difficulty I might add.

Norway Big Camera 301

On this trip we had to pay-into the Kitty using 4 different currencies as we travelled through the countries and he had to keep book of who owed what, but also in which currency the debt was due and then convert it to the currency of the country we were in when the debt was finally paid back to Kitty.… Read More