Packing through the Chaos!!!

Yes, chaos is the word that comes to mind, not only did Word Press (the software used for this Blog and website) decide to do a major Software Upgrade, they also decided to change the familiar Lay-out of the Blog page I learnt to “opperate” they also in their “wisdom” changed everything else, so loading photos happens in the most ilogical way, nothing makes sence to me and I waste time looking for where certain things were moved to???? Idiots!!!! But, they say the blog is now safe from hackers, and it works faster etc. etc. So I am not a happy chappy!!

But the good news is that I now have Spell Check and I am told it is easy to up-load videos to my You-Tube account and put a link on the Blog to it, so if I can now just remember the You-Tube account details I might be able to post more videos this time, or not.

Recently my bank “in their wisdom” got a lot of guys with Ponytails to re-design their perfect web-site used for internet banking, well, let me tell you, I have never wasted time to complain to a bank, but this time they took it just to far, so I wrote a letter, and later when I managed to get deeper into the Internet banking I discovered more to complain about, so letter number 2 followed. Am I maybe showing my age and resistance to change??

But the chaos got worse, much worse. Peens decided he wanted to go earlier than the rest of the group as he wanted to first ride to Anchorage, in the complete opposite direction we are going in the beginning, and then do some Fishing and a Jet-ski tour. So he flew out a week before us, but he just presumed that KTM would have serviced our bikes in their Winter-off-season, so “in his wisdom” he never arranged with Alex from KTM and just arrived, only to discover that Murphy was already there and that his motorbike and Pie’s motorbikes were still in the Storage and the others were being serviced. So he lost two days waiting for his bike to get serviced, and then, in true Peens’s Style, rode off into the sunset with the only key to the storage in his pocket. Ktm cant get Pies bike out and the other bikes back into the storage, and they are closed on a Sunday and a Monday, the days we arrive to get our bikes. Being South Africans we instructed KTM to simply cut the lock but the Storage company refused, it may only be opened by a Lock-smith in the presence of Tex, as he signed the Contract with the Storage company. So Peens is in the Dog Box with all of us and he will pay in Beer, a lot of beer.

So now I am going to interrupt my packing, which is more chaos as we need to take camping gear and at my age, this includes a good mattress and warm sleeping bag with lots of protection on the tent against the mosquitos of Alaska which we have been warned about.

Lets hope we can very soon follow Peens into the Sunset and ride our of the chaos and into the Wilderness.


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  1. Just met Mark and Greg in Olympia, hope to follow the blog!

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